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# Posted: 29 Oct 2011 07:38

Hi! guys.diablo irons I can't help myself to share my golf life with Callaway X-22 Ironsall for all of you. I purchased the X-22 irons over a year ago after comparing with the Ping G15, Mizuno MX-1000 and the Callaway Diablo g20 I got the regular flex graphite shafts. Unlike others I love the Callaway grips. For me these irons were slightly shorter than the the Mizunos and the Diablo Edge. About the same distance as the Pings. They were the most accurate and had the most back drivers g20 There doesn't seem to be any distance loss if you hit them a little on the heel or the toe.

In fact last night I hit a nine iron a little on the toe into a par three and the ball spun back to about 18 inches from the hole. With previous sets of irons I always seemed to have a favorite iron in the set.g20 driver I like all the irons in this set. Long irons are easy to hit. Well, wholesale golf equipment the Modified Tru-Bore design has been incorporated, dampening vibration for enhanced feel and the tour-inspired head shape has a slightly thinner topline and sole with a large sweet spot for improved aesthetics and forgiveness that will boost any golfer's confidence.

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