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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / Who are the diablo irons specially for ?
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# Posted: 27 Oct 2011 07:11

You may think that the callaway's diablo irons can be played by all the golfers, cheap golf equipment but the golfers who prefer a blade style may not like these irons very much. so who are the diablo irons sepcially for ? The dialo irons are designed fo the golfrs who struggles to hit their irons and hits many fat and thin shots. titleist 910 They are able to helo make the fat or thin shot better along with the shots that miss the middle of the clubface. Then, are you the one that diablo irons specially for ?

Callaway tried to make the diablo irons help made the fade players to hit the ball straighter or even with a slight draw2.0 Irons The dialo irons are quite long, callaway said that they are the their longest irons,then it means you can hit the ball further. The dialo irons own a larger hitting area than the orher irons, x22 irons then they can increase your accuracy and confidence.The lower and deeper center of gravity of the diablo irons can help you to hit the ball longer and straighter.

There are also many golfers have tested the diablo irons, edge irons many golfers said these irons offer them a higher ball flight than their current irons, which is no suprise with the low center of gravity. Even on off center hit, they said they also can hit the irons accurately. g20 driver Some testers also agree that the diablo irons are one of the easiest irons they have every hit, and they are albe to increase the distance and speed. All in all, the diablo irons are really excellent, if you are proper to play with them, choose a set of them now !

# Posted: 28 Oct 2011 09:17

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