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# Posted: 21 Oct 2011 06:54

study doesn't Mobile cancer risk: use alter kids'

But the study the first to look specifically at children and the risk of cancer from cellphones found that brain tumor patients were no more

likely to be regular phone users than control crystal cell phone covers subjects who did

not have cancer.

The research, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute on Wednesday and partially funded by mobile phone operators, addresses

concerns that children may be more vulnerable cell phone screen protectors to health

risks from electromagnetic radiation from cellphones.

Children's nervous systems are still developing cell phone stylus, and there are

fears that their smaller head circumferences could allow radiation to penetrate deeper into their brains.

In the meantime, they said, people who are concerned Cell Phone Batteries should consider

using an ear piece or the phone's speaker function.

"If mobile phone use would be a risk factor, you'd expect cancer patients to have a higher amount of usage," said Professor Martin Roosli, who

conducted the study at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel, Switzerland.

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