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Buddha Bellies Forum / Woodstock Classes / Ping G20 Driver is a little heavier than Ping G15
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# Posted: 18 Oct 2011 03:32

Ping G20 Driver is a little heavier than Ping G15

For that Ping G20 driver, PING utilized the high balance point shaft technology first utilized in the G15, and took it a little further. With a counterbalanced shaft, there was able to add more weight for the head, lighten the shaft, and keep the machine mass and swingweight a similar. This allowed PING to add more mass towards the head which delivers more energy for the ball. The G15 added 5 grams to their standard G10 headweight along with the G20 added another 2, yielding an ongoing driver headweight of 203 grams. Testing signifies that this concept adds distance and forgiveness as you aren't slowing the clubhead through the swing and you're increasing inertia from the increased head mass. Driver testing between the G15 and G20 on PingMan and Player testing showed distance increases, and tighter dispersion overall for swing speeds (spin rates were close involving the two with many overlaps according to several factors).

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