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Buddha Bellies Forum / Woodstock Classes / Fowler rebound in the final round of 68 competition next year
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# Posted: 8 Oct 2011 04:58

Fowler rebound in the final round of 68 competition next year

" I'm sure learned a little experience." Ricky - Fowler said," in two overseas at the British Open show very good, Thank you for showing me Taylormade R11 irons right now I expect to participate in this competition, the other Grand Slam also can obtain relatively good results."Rich - Fowler had hoped this week's game at Atlanta I will buy the second ping g15 driver from him Athletic Club was well able to demonstrate some of his. But the first round, he shot 74, followed by the third round and hand over 75. I completely lost the title race I guess Ping G15 irons is designed for me so that he could. But Rich - Fowler did not want to leave when the majors to produce such poor performance.Sunday, Rich - Fowler in the second hole and bogeyed the Mizuno has launched the new Mizuno MP-59 Irons this year third hole of a row, score changes over par 10. It is at this time the situation began to change. "I really do not want to own double-digit scores My brother said Titleist 712 AP1 Irons can launch the ball high for the black." Rich - Fowler said, "so I give myself the development of such a goal.

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# Posted: 8 Oct 2011 05:06

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