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# Posted: 6 Oct 2011 03:39

For golf beginners, choosing the proper golf driver is important,ap2 irons and online shop is a great place to go. The golf drivers on the golf online shop here are the top quality and at cheap prices. You can not only get the right drivers, but enjoy big discount on the golf irons g15 The brand new Ping K15 Driver is one of the best sales on and can be delivered worldwide.

Assisted by the Ping innovation of Straight Flight Technology (SF Tech), the Ping K15 driver places approximately 10% of the head mass into the heel of the club,online golf for sale helping to square the club face through the hitting zone for consistently straight tee shots.

As well as, the K15 driver is also able to offer distance gains by combining a large-profile,titleist 910 driver 460cc head, and a club face that is longer heel to toe. The MOI is sizeable for consistent performance and forgiveness across the hitting surface. This design positions the center of gravity low and back to generate high launch and low golf for sale No matter you are the golf beginner, but the masters both can choose the Ping K15 Driver.

# Posted: 6 Oct 2011 04:41

# Posted: 8 Oct 2011 05:11

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