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# Posted: 4 Oct 2011 05:10

Play golf with golf clubs irons

They need to hit a wedge 100 yards to a tightly tucked pin location and I'm not sure there's a drug out there that can help you play golf with TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons. And just how will any banned substance help a professional read and sink a 15 foot putt with a double break in it? The illegal substances that generally get all the attention are the muscle pumping, strength inducing drugs so prevalent among the Popeye forearmed baseball players who love Burner 2.0 Irons of recent years but what about some of the other prohibited substances on the list for testing? The list includes everything from anabolic steroids and hormones to beta-blockers. Now I can see how beta-blockers may be of help to a PGA Tour professional as they basically block the affect adrenalin has on your body. In other words they make you relax! Additionally they facilitate smooth muscle control which explains their prevalence as being a treatment for various heart ailments including cardiac arrhythmias and heart attacks (prevention post-attack). Woods recently reminded reporters that Nick Price once admitted to using beta blockers but said they actually hurt his game rather than help but drugs have varying effects on people so who's to say it won't help the next guy? A few beers usually help calm me down but it certainly doesn't seem to help my game with these golf clubs irons any! It's not farfetched to think that beta-blockers may help someone down the road.

# Posted: 6 Oct 2011 04:45

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# Posted: 10 Oct 2011 15:19

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# Posted: 11 Oct 2011 02:39

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