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Buddha Bellies Forum / Woodstock Classes / Hurricane "Irene" 40 deaths caused by U.S.
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# Posted: 31 Aug 2011 09:42 - Edited by: audiolee

According to U.S. media reports,in the past few days the hurricane hit the U.S. East Coast, Monster Beats Studio "Irene" has killed at least 40 people were killed.
Including North Carolina, Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Vermont, including the east coast was reported in 11 states died in the hurricane. Compared with the previous two days, the hurricane caused 30 deaths increased significantly, mainly due to commence with the rescue operations, there have been bodies of the victims were salvaged from the flood.
Although the "Irene" has been in transit, the U.S. East Coast flood threat still facing many states.Monster Beats Solo In Vermont, for example, "Irene" led 84 of the state suffered the worst floods in years, many roads and bridges were washed away, many residents were trapped by floods. To protect the basic needs of affected people, local emergency services helicopters to the affected areas by air food, water and other necessities.
In addition to floods, the hurricanes also resulted in more than 700 million U.S. East Coast power users. Although some power has been restored, but according to latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy, there are still 2.85 million users to power.
U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, FEMA director Rich Gheit and other government officials 30 days to North Carolina,Beats Studio Ferrari Virginia and Vermont to understand the situation.

# Posted: 31 Aug 2011 09:49

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# Posted: 31 Aug 2011 09:51

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# Posted: 3 Sep 2011 01:58

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# Posted: 24 Sep 2011 03:07

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# Posted: 10 Oct 2011 03:58

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