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# Posted: 26 Apr 2011 11:25

GIORGIO ARMANI rolls out new-style glasses

Guide language: Inside collect and provide series of savoured GIORGIO ARMANI glasses to be in extremely Chun Xia was carried once more 2010 make grace newly appear, return to the style with its the basiccest brand- - plain and neat, strong, extremely rich connotation, will 2010 glasses tide of Chun Xia, the definition is restore ancient ways and do not break fashionable. In this a series of in the design,Cartier Glasses stylist draws traditional essence from inside glasses development course, withhold the distinctive color of GIORGIO ARMANI glasses at the same time: The design of easy and careful appearance and pure unadorned and in good taste. And the lens of this kind of new-style glasses is worn is type of integral join with a hinge, its elegant design will be traditional with contemporary and magical kind ground confluence is together, move on detail sufficient brains, place of no less than Mr GIORGIO ARMANI says: "Returning uncut jade to put in true true meaning 's charge is to avoid affected be not mean cancel all adornment. " masterly manual craft makes GIORGIO ARMANI product low-key and extraordinary, of those classical elements apply ensure its are lasting and elegant, and the good spouse that the design of contracted plain and neat makes its also make daily living while inheritance is classical. Regression is traditional and lightsome have tenacity and durable it is the character with new-style and plastic simple material, its style is strong, individual character is provided alone. Of distinctive and manual element use system on the picket head join with a hinge that secures by rivet of manner of 4 40 time and a quadrate rivet now. What through polishing burnish its present " diamond glorious " make entire section glasses bright and bright-coloured. GA786GA786   the Panto shaping of having a unique style is comprised by outspread handle and the hinge place that secure by rivet. Before of circle and lens leg outside side ornament has horizontal rectangle rivet; The pen of inside dot eyeball is Giorgio Armani mark. Traditional " crucial bazoo is worn " use fine plastic material to behave strong individual character style easily character. Tonal collocation has: Horny green, horny honey color and crystal are brown. The regression of ARMANI traditional style reviews the style of 90 time with contemporary eye, small-sized with the circle before circular metal and steeliness together with decorates the fine lens leg with plastic shape having a canal and piston hinge. Paragraph glasses has the small circle that GA790GA790   double bridge of the nose designs air man downy tonal be like: Palladium color, weak aureate with bright bronze color. Gentle style provides the quadrate casing outline with GA788GA788 easy   alone. Of this glasses before the circle is made with small steel products, with before the plastic lens leg that circle upper edge is linked together reflects style of 50 time male money restoring ancient ways. In colour respect, apt front black matchs with rare palladium look, openly nigger-brown matchs with weak aureate match with openly ruthenium color with weak aureate. Of the circle before the circular metal of GA792GA792   tradition and difficult central issue is 60 time men's the feature of glasses, there is plastic pipe type on lens leg light-duty adornment and piston hinge. The palladium color with use colour measurable apt, deep black and brown, go up in its mark has clear GIORGIO ARMANI sign. Deduce contemporary and sharp design move, the line that Li falls, reproduced the neuter popular style of 50/60 time. The lens of manual burnish wore main body to provide strong stereo result, dash forward what the plate looking glass that showed Plastic Bold set wears is contemporary savour, profit from is classy craft of exquisite of material qualitative together with makes its tactility is like velvet like complaisant. Adornment of the side outside lens leg has rectangular rivet and in its interior criterion mark has label of Giorgio Armani brand. 50 time of GA783     of glasses appearance have contracted modelling and strong individual character, this both is come from pledge at employing thick plastic capable person, know what its physics character makes to make popular central point again afresh. Mark sex detail: The Giorgio Armani that side adorns the picket head that has perpendicular and rectangular rivet and lens leg interior outside indicates. Adoption traditional and distinctive color: Nigger-brown, dan Hupo is lubricious, honey color, black, blue and deep orange yellow. The circle before the butterfly type plank of 50 time of   of female money of GA794 of female money of GA794 and smooth and elegant lens leg. By rivet fixed picket head is in an ornament to have flowers adornment. There is elegant close in colour respect tonal: Purple - crystal color, brown - crystal color, auroral - crystal color, black. 13 when first this rolling out male moneys taste glasses newly, reach a female fund will 2010 January underside city.

# Posted: 29 Apr 2011 03:37

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# Posted: 5 May 2011 04:21

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# Posted: 14 Jun 2011 02:46

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# Posted: 30 Jun 2011 09:50

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# Posted: 1 Jul 2011 05:02

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# Posted: 1 Jul 2011 07:41

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# Posted: 28 Jul 2011 10:26

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# Posted: 2 Aug 2011 07:49

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