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# Posted: 23 Aug 2011 08:11

Everything has a process of development, all things are generated in the process. The Western philosopher to process things as a body that determines the course of levis jeans, this view is biased. Process by linking the details. For an individual, his life goal to determine the future, in the process of achieving goals in life, the details of his life becomes an important part. Details and the details of each component, linked into the process of things, the details of every detail of the total composition, which makes the process of things is not normal, but abnormal.
In life, people often overlook the details, people are always locked in his own goal on a dry event, everyone knows, great things often formed by a number chanel handbags, if we break down, they would find, events can be decomposed into many details. Details need to continue to accumulate, eventually things change. All things are from quantitative to qualitative change. Quantitative change is gradual, qualitative change is a mutation. Is the quantitative details of the changes.
This tells us that work should pay attention to the accumulation of detail, a little change today, tomorrow, a little effort, acquired a little learning, so continue to accumulate, to a certain extent, reached a critical point, the quality of your work will occur changes, it will widen the gap with other people, this gap is through the efforts you made to reach a critical point results. Details of the accumulation to fountain pen, the mutation, mutation often occurs unconsciously, is the accumulation of this unconsciously.
The most important aspect is the attention to detail in the gradient of accumulation. Details are similar, because there are many details are repeated. For example, our reading a 500-page book, which 500 we want to turn a page, page after page to look, turned to see a page that is a detail, but these we can not repeat the details omitted, if omitted, We can not read this book. Repeat the details gucci men shoes, people tend to have tired of psychology, a lot of detail is repeated in a test of perseverance. If a person's indomitable perseverance, he can insist on a lot of repetitive detail, and ultimately made a major event, otherwise it will fall short.
Also, in life, we develop a healthy lifestyle is also a need for long-term adherence, and this often long-term adherence to the details cheap polo shirts. Adhering to, we can not in fits and starts network, it is impossible to develop a healthy lifestyle. And a lot of bad habits of people, it is difficult to accomplish great things of.
A person to get things done is by the details of a society as well. Social work is by a lot of details when the details accumulated to a certain extent, a thing possible to do successfully, and ultimately benefit the people side.
This requires that we pay attention to detail, proper treatment of armani sunglasses, to improve their life and work in the quality of every detail.
If we pay attention to every detail, every detail spared to improve the quality of every detail, we accelerated the process of development of things.
In the process of development of things, the details have connectivity, it is a process. However, in our work and life, the details often are we a hammer East, West, a stick, one after anothernhl jersey, not whole, but fragmented, detail and there is no continuity between the details, without any contact. If a person does not put him on the details of their own development process, but always placing themselves in the details of the debris, he has more details, but also useless.
In the details of the issue, we need to consider what the details are very useful work, which details the wasted effort. Which we grasp the details of the two concepts. Here that the useful work and wasted effort, is to make ourselves understand that in life and work, all the details in the development of their own self-importance chanel earrings, take these details into his life process on a very important point , into a useful position, these details is not an option, these details with their life processes are important links.
This reminds us not to put time and energy into the value of life is not the "working poor", the "working poor" make a lot of nike dunk shoes, which in addition to distract us from the time and effort, there is no meaning, we need to their energy into useful detail, so that each section of his life by the wonderful details of the mileage is composed of beautiful notes

# Posted: 31 Aug 2011 07:52

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# Posted: 29 Sep 2011 09:51

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# Posted: 8 Oct 2011 04:49

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# Posted: 10 Oct 2011 11:55

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# Posted: 31 Oct 2011 05:38

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