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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 08:10

When I was young ,I aways want to be gown up and gown fast, but when I was grown up I usually recall my young time, and I think if I was young I will do more things for tory burch purse my future ,and won't give a chance to regret when I gown up .But time won't go back .
As young i admire nike sneakers the older who can do want they want to do and they parents don't object it and parents usually give much money to them so that they can buy what they want ,they have many beautiful best basketball shoes clothes ,shoes ,handbags, also have many snacks to eat,.But everyday I was told to my parents go to bed , don't play with strangers,go home after school in time don't play in the home way.

I like eat sugars but they tell me if eat too much my tooth will get bad when I gown up and it is hurt .One day after school I play with my classmate and forget gucci shoes sale the time so it is dark when I go home , but parent beat me and scare me if I go home after dark they won't let me in ,and the ghost will eat me .I was so scared that I cry to swear I won't go home so late .At that time I think if I grown up I won't scare about the edhardy shirts ghost and I can play with my friend don't need to care about the time and can go home late.On Children's Day I was choosed to make a performance and the school need everyone to buy a skirt, so I asked my mother to buy a skirt for me ,and one day my mother take me to the shop ,I was so happy to see so many beautiful skirt, so just like other child I want to buy every skirt ,I told my mother "I want this one."and my mother said to me "this one is not suit your performance and you need this one" ,she took one beautiful skirt for me ,but I really want to buy tom ford glasses other one, so I cry ,my mother was so anger and she say "if you don't want this one I won't buy any skirt to you." So at last I forgive to accept polo shirt the one my mother want .And I think if I gown up I can buy what I want .I usually told by my parents to go to bed but I don't want to sleep and I scare the dark ,but my mother told me the night can effect my sleep so she usually turn off the light before I sleep , and also I think if I grown up I can turn off the light when I want.

But when I was grown up I think if I was young I won't face this problem ,and all the problem can handle it by my parents.i must wash ghd my own clothes despite of how unwillingness I was ,cook for my parents when they work and I was at home ,clean the house ,although these things are all easy ,there are so many problems to face by myself ,I must do my best to learn more ,get the scholarship ,get well with everyone,deal with the problems I was made and I can't get the privilege to get what I want ,when is was start to work nowadays, I found it is hard to make nike running shoes money and it is so easy to use it ,but no matter how hard life is ,I won't ask help from my parents, because I was grow up and I must handle my own problems. I also start to understand my parents .

So this is life ,we aways don't satisfied with the present live and envy for the past or the future .But today I want to say "value our present live and do best to make our life more useful ,and don't regret what we did."

# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 08:15

come on ,you can do it

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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 09:10

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# Posted: 26 Sep 2011 02:18

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# Posted: 26 Sep 2011 07:43

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# Posted: 26 Sep 2011 15:39

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# Posted: 28 Sep 2011 02:18

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# Posted: 13 Oct 2011 07:59

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