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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / The French Germany leaders suggest that we should set up the economy of the euro area government
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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 08:09

Paris August 16 French President nicolas sarkozy and German chancellor Angela merkel has 16, in Paris, France, Germany, said the two countries will jointly established the economy of the euro area, put forward the government fiscal policy, member states balance ontory burch purseSuggestions such as financial transaction, in order to strengthen the economy of the euro area management, cope with the euro zone face of debt and economic growth crisis.
France and Germany both leaders suggest the economy of nike sneakers the euro area government by the current chairman of the council of Europe FanLongPei permanent chairman, coordination, and members of the euro zone economic and fiscal policy. France and Germany also suggested that all 17 the eurozone member countries should be called "the golden rule best basketball shoes implementing" financial balance policy, reduce the deficit, and Suggestions in September from beginning to impose financial transaction.
Mr Sarkozy and Angela merkel held the same day for gucci shoes saleover two hours after the meeting jointly held the press conference. They representation of the two countries cope with the crisis, will take common position, these Suggestions will in 17, FanLongPei to put forward.
In addition, the two governments have edhardy shirtsalso decided to strengthen the economy of the euro area management, France and Germany, the two countries will take the lead in implementing unified corporate tax, the two countries tom ford glasseswill be the corporate tax base and tax rate tax converging.
Method the per capita says it's leadership issue European common bond time still not mature. Ms merkel said she did not believe that the European bonds in polo shirt the present can help Europe out of the crisis. Mr Sarkozy is said Europe bonds have to wait until the European economic integration to finished ghd stage to, rather than at the start of construction stage is implemented.
Mr Sarkozy and merkel said the second quarter, although France and Germany as expected economic growth in the second half, but their two nike running shoes countries to economic growth is not about the eurozone and pessimism, and the growth of the world economy also were confident.

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