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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / Will Beta Version of Guild Wars 2 Saved?
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# Posted: 8 Jan 2013 08:29

I recently purchased Guild Wars 2 Gold and downloaded the Mac Beta for my Macbook Air since I dont have a pc and I love it. What I was wondering though is once when the actual retail version comes out will it update my account from the beta version to the retail version automatically or will I have to re download the game? And will I lose all my saved Guild Wars 2 Gear progress once when the retail version comes out? None of your progress or activity in this game is saved on your machine. If you log in on any machine with GW2 installed, you can log in on your details, and your characters etc will all be there. I would expect a long wait until you see a fully supported version for mac. I run on Bootcamp Windows for the sake of my old computer, but there are still issues for the biggest machines running GW2 on mac.

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