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# Posted: 20 Dec 2012 18:24

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# Posted: 10 Apr 2013 14:14

When Shanghai hosted, Pudong quietly celebrates its twenty anniversary.The main venues in Pudong, Pudong to "adult ceremony" a thick gift.But this does not cover the lost Pudong.There has been criticism of Pudong's "two rich generation", not the start time of the heroic spirit, do not want to be the boss, had to the central policy to "dependency syndrome".
Pudong: where to go?In the governor there quietly thinking.At present,louboutin pas cher, Pudong development seems to be made clear -- Pudong to gradually formed with the international close to the environment.Now, all the nations around the World Expo, Pudong provides a close learning opportunities.
Pudong policy dependence: don't want to be the boss?"Current development in Shanghai has a weakness, is driven, aggressive as Pudong development and opening up, want to be the boss of the weak points."Policy support to Pudong brought the rapid development,乙肝, also produced certain negative effect.
"Once the rigid policy, its negative impact will gradually fermentation and plays a negative role."A report by the Shanghai think-tank called "drafted by Pudong pilot zone for overall reform policy innovation and deepening research" report, according to the Pudong superior to support policy is evaluated.
The most direct is a cadre's lack of motivation, as a result of long-term policy support,abercrombie france, innovation, bigger and stronger power generally lack,louboutin.Back at the initial stage of development, Pudong officials from all parts of the country, "hit the floor worked hard", but now, officials are more local faction, the relative lack of power,asics shoes running.
"Current development in Shanghai has a weakness, is driven,乙肝治疗, aggressive as Pudong development and opening up,asics, want to be the boss of the weak points."In 2010 the Shanghai period,abercrombie, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Yu Zhengsheng to call a spade a spade.
This "inert" brought directly to an atmosphere: dependence on policy,hollister france, when you have hope "to" policy, and limited local government and local enterprise innovation atmosphere.Shanghai city hall grows Zhou Zhenhua of research center director to think, the development and opening of the Pudong has made the brilliant achievement, is not dependent on, dare enter dare try, but now form the unspoken rule institutional dependence.
But due to the dependence of policy, thus forming a strong government atmosphere, and ultimately affect the enterprise innovation atmosphere, in Pudong, under the leading of the government led to the choice of enterprise park development, cultivation and so on are reflected in a strong government to shadow,louboutin, with strong market competitiveness and the ability of independent innovation.
For example, Pudong as the "firstborn" (,) and technology park has been Shanghai and Pudong as the development of independent scientific and technological enterprises in the core region, but in the industry, familiar to the public brand still is hard to find.
"For 10 years, in the field of information of the listing Corporation can't hear it the name of Zhang Jiang."Fudan University's China Center for Economic Research Director Zhang Jun ever plainted so."Why won't Ma", "can't be cultivated in Shenzhen similar to Tencent, Huawei, ZTE Corporation" to be outside of the Pudong question.
The path dependence makes local development path portion onto the old road, not too much innovation, to this, Ningbo City Vice Mayor Suli recently in an interview with our reporter said, "now I also think that some local governments to take the old road.
"Pudong new area development pattern is a typical example of.Because of Pudong's comprehensive cancel function area, the current development model has been transformed into a development zone (development company) occupy the important force of the development pattern, especially in all questions of local financing platform and to land as the source of funds when.
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