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# Posted: 4 Nov 2012 07:21

moncler sale King Rain finished, Kai climbed the fruit trees, will the colored fruit plucked own arms, arms full into his mouth and eat a, and then continue Abstract see King rock scared a first glance, finally know what to eat goods.Everyone is ready, arranged a small hole is drilled into it, intends to no longer come out within the past few days, try to avoid contact with moncler coats, the provincial waste of physical strength.

Just then, a burst of sound suddenly rang, the "crackling crackling, very weird. Li Kai First, could not resist the curiosity, went to the cave to be explored. Go it does not matter, Li Kai as standing in the hole, moncler vest never looked back."In the end?" King Rain is also very curious and went to the mouth of his cave and looked out.Saw the in sunny small river under the shade of a tree, a pair of shining white flesh abutting together constantly pumping co.

also making a strange sound, King Rain moncler jackets understand how the same thing, this exclaimed: "No wonder this guy came after possessed never looked back, the original good mouth ah."But The King Rain still did not look back, but has been looked at, on the one hand, you want to understand the relationship between the two men, the strength, there is no Heaven breaks in the hand, on the other hand, the reason is self-evident and Li moncler uk ... ...

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