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# Posted: 4 Nov 2012 07:20

moncler uk flash behind to Li Kai Li Kai is about to yell with his right hand over his mouth and whispered simply said: "here should not growl, as you go out after how to roar does not matter. "Li Kai is not fooling people, plus he also knows that the King Rain and his only joking, do not take it seriously, red, round face again white, silent, and Zhujun a look following moncler jackets.Sure enough, churn endlessly trees big tree saw last they finally saw parked in front of the King rain.

More here fruit trees, next to a creek, river fish in groups, the most important thing is that the possession of a cave in the dense fruit trees, if it is King Rain face of it, Li Kai and Zhujun really difficult to find.moncler vest the next crystal clear rivers, King Rain can not help but think of a past life, past life of King rain, but experienced a clear lakes and rivers into a smelly river, until completely Kuhe process.

Again see so clear rivers, inevitably moncler coats past life was a child, avoid some distracting injury."How?" To see the King Rain no longer move around, but they have been back face and rivers daze, up asked Zhujun."Oh, nothing, I think this is a nice place here over a period of time, and so they win almost that time, the rest of each team will have a lot of Heaven breaks, but also save us one by one to find the small shrimp, directly kill the big fish on moncler sale. "

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