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# Posted: 4 Nov 2012 07:16

moncler sale people floating in the sky, second from right, old man hunched body white dress bald browed, right hand holding a bamboo cane, behind a pair of fire red Netherwing that his identity: "Fire elemental Dean. ""Today very grateful that we can gather here to participate in this grand-scale game, in fact, the old man I do not want much nonsense, moncler coats this year the situation is somewhat special, the winner of this competition is not only able to get the award of the Academy.

but also to individuals to participate in the next race., yes, we are ready to be set up in the team competition after the individual competition this year, The winner of the individual competition, there will moncler vest unexpected gains, but also to have special qualifications, I hope you try to play to their own best displayed the winning group of the team competition, and we will give you time to enter the scripture library the opportunity to pick the soul of technology.

I hope you will take advantage of each moncler jackets can only pick up the three soul of technology, of course, You also have the right to give up the soul of technology selection, we will give you the corresponding best spar as compensation. ""Nonsense stop here, we get together in accordance with the prior agreement of the good team, each team sent a person to come to receive Heaven breaks." Crowd orderly sent representatives to receive Heaven moncler uk.

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