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# Posted: 3 Nov 2012 06:48

moncler uk man apparently underestimated the strength of the King Rain, so smiled and walked up to the King Rain of Soul Calibur, and then his smile froze, a black eye, surprised at this world, dashing neck with blood head away from the body.King Rain did not cast any strengthening the soul of technology, but his body after repeated torture, is no longer ordinary moncler jackets and death match.

"No front" contact with the blood of man, the "knife God tactic swallowed automatic operation, absorbing TV drama spiritual power of the human body.Spiritual power absorbed almost blood-nerve blood "even moncler vest launch again that the essence of human blood absorption over dispersed to various cells in the body of King Rain stored under.The man's death, King quadrupled absorption of rain has gray body, very Xieyi.

Zhujun turn a blind eye to this, Li Kai versa, moncler coats King rain last night and they share their own secrets, at least until now, King rain that the brothers should not have secrets.To see the companions so evil offsite die, two guys stop the noisy, legs trembling, pale stood, honest and down.However, there is a saying that good, the leopard can not change its spots ah. Children will after a while, the eyes of the two facing King moncler sale.

# Posted: 3 Nov 2012 12:01

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