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# Posted: 2 Nov 2012 07:46

moncler outlet, King the rain opened his eyes. Eyes of blue red covering, showing a dark purple, branching off to terrible.Subsequently, the purple faded, showing in the eyes of the King Rain Qingming.Zhujun stood watching, and not any openings disturb because Zhujun know, practicing just the end of this period of time is quite valuable for practitioners, this is the best moncler jackets to be compensated thinking inadequate.

Sure enough, King Rain gradually frowned."Good trouble, in the end how to do." The King Rain found a very big problem, that is the soul of technology cast.For example, if the King Rain now want will moncler vest Armor All power to cast out "Xuanming Armor, you must first cast the first layer of skin Xuanming Armor reinforced, and then cast" Xuanming Armor second layer of muscles strengthen. "

In this way, the equivalent of moncler coats a row of two soul technology to "Xuanming Armor maximum power play, but can affect the overall situation in the second on the battlefield for fighting it is fatal.The King Rain thought for a long time, still puzzled, suddenly thought of a move, thought of their own just to get the "Sword of God the second layer of the tactic fusion. This can bring their own moncler sale?

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