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# Posted: 2 Nov 2012 07:43

moncler outlet the rain opened his eyes, facing Kai Li and Zhu-Jun the mysterious smile baffled, even suspected King rain is not brain out what went wrong, let Li Kai and Zhujun. The King Rain or hit the young mind to withstand the collapse of the."I have a solution, but it will take some time, both of you can not wait.""Ah!! Do not ah! Too cruel, I'll wait for you, etc. moncler jackets thin for several laps, you bear my round face on this shriveled it?" Kai tearfully staring at King rain.

"The amount, I simply think of ways to'd like this thing to forget." He finished, Rain King took out a large number of food from their own storage bracelet."Well, this is my preparation has since moncler vest out to eat you, the solution these." King Rain face rosy, plus that Xiemei Lanmou reveal little carnage, full of charm.Ever since The King Rain pulled out the moment of the first pieces of bread, Li Kai ran open eating the King after the rain and saying those words.

of course, it is natural to be ignored."Well, do you go moncler coats, I believe you will be successful." Zhujun also did not say, this is due to the trust of a man for the brothers.King Rain fiercely location nodded, then sat cross-legged, not words.The King Rain First practice is "Xuanming Armor second layer, the element of water gathering in the whole body of the King of rain, a layer of gorgeous sea blue armor gradually emerge in the body of the King of moncler sale.

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