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# Posted: 25 Jul 2012 03:17

Mulberry is the UK's top brands

Mulberry is the UK's top brands, since 70 time beginning to set up, has been the British style is the most innovative avant-garde high leather. In recent years, the transition after a simple retro brand image, now can be said to be hot, bullish market all the way, many celebrities and put it on the streets of Europe and the United States, many of the star is its loyal supporters! Bayswate–MULBERRY headed Huadan models, with HERMES BIRKIN dingdong. Flexor to calculate, Bayswater was born just a few short years, but has been under the It Girl welcome, become the leader in the new generation of handbags. In addition to the common black, brown, beige, nearly two season Bayswater also launched a colorful package series, in the leather used also joined the patent leather, crocodile skin more material. Eva Longoria purple Bayswater echoing the dress and fish mouth shoe, and patent leather material for mulberry outlet fur dress young ghost gas into atmosphere. Cortex from ordinary leather to the crocodile skin, ostrich skin, color from brown to black color of the spring and summer of this year, more on the leopard pattern, will be in the new season in a more pop. The style is not much, but it is Qishierliu ability, canvas and leather stitching styles bring summer feeling, more casual flavor, more suitable for young girl. Mulberry Leah Shoulder Peony Pink Plonge Lambskin bag is also very practical style, the two lateral pockets plus 2 way usage, and got a lot of star of love. This year introduced color more likable, style is also slightly change, punk wind weakened, more sweet feeling. Lily Aleen Crewneck is very elegant, always a bit of her to leopard Bayswater to match, the publicity of her wild side.

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# Posted: 8 Aug 2012 09:12

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# Posted: 10 Aug 2012 04:19

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# Posted: 5 Sep 2012 07:33

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