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# Posted: 2 Jun 2012 03:27

Do you know what the newest additional game improvement driver is to Ping's line? Are you interested in it? Yes, you are right, this latest addition golf clubs is PING G20 Driver. Callaway RAZR X BLACK Driver The Ping G20 Driver builds on the technology developed to enhance mid to high handicappers ability to hit it farther and straight in the Ping G15 Driver. I myself hit the G20 today and was really surprised by it. It has a fairly square look at address, which took some getting used to, being a Titleist guy. It was a demo 9.5 degree with the TFC 169 S shaft. My average spin was around 1850 with a high of around 2000 and a low of around 1650. TaylorMade R11 Fers I don't know what that shaft really is, but I've never had such low spin with an S flex. Specs say it torques at 5.9, but my average launch angle was 15.5. My current driver averages 8.3 seconds flight time. This one was around 7.1 with way more distance.

That poor golf ball has no idea what's in store for it when the large face of the Ping G20 Driver smacks it with its variable wall thickness construction. The club face combined with the external weight found on the heel of the K15 driver is now placed directly behind the face of the Ping G20 Driver which means that the poor golf ball will get up in the air faster for you. Callaway RAZR Fit Driver The aerodynamic shape, or at least as aerodynamic as 460cc can be, combined with the variable wall thickness, the shaft that comes with the Ping G20 Driver, and the external weight is really a nice package that is designed to help the golfer get the ball airborne and fast.

# Posted: 2 Jun 2012 04:57

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