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Buddha Bellies Forum / Woodstock Classes / Supernatural 7: Was It The Scariest Episode Ever?
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# Posted: 26 Sep 2011 07:42

The monsters are nothing special in the supernatural. For six seasons, we found the ugliest Uglies Supernatural DVD , the most evil bad guys and let's face it, things really disgusting. Premiere last night, but I froze to the bone as any episode ever.

Last night's episode picked up a few moments from what we have seen the end of last season with Castiel had said the new God. I expected the story to drag out much longer than it did. I thought for upcoming episodes Law and Order DVD , we would like to see Dean and Sam Hell haunted struggles with the loss of a friend, Castiel going on a rampage to beat the boys try various methods to overcome their old friend, and things in the past late to turn in another plot.

Well, did everything that happens - except that it happened in an episode. But once the plot Supernatural super-sonic speed was not the party of fear, I mean. (In fact, it was the greatest surprise and enjoyable they do not pull all that. Well done, team!) No, the only thing that might give me nightmares tonight, happened to poor Castiel. Pretty Little Liars DVD

After declaring himself the new God, and going over Smiting World Tour, Castiel has begun to wither. His ship was literally tearing. (No! not that beautiful face!) Called Death, and is bound by Dean and Sam hopes to stop the killings in the CAS, and then brought us why this happened 30 Rock DVD . It was discovered that the soul of Castiel, during a binge, he inhaled a centuries-old evil called Leviathans, the force so strong that they had used it trying to escape.

However, as disgusting as it was, was truly frightening time as Dean and Sam saw the security video to kill Castiel strongly in the campaign office of a senator House MD DVD . At one point, the boys watched in horror, Castiel looked at the camera and gives a smile the most sadistic and terrifying that I have seen on the show.

# Posted: 27 Sep 2011 07:11

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