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# Posted: 26 Sep 2011 07:41

This week marks the return of the beautiful sound of the notes with perfect pitch, the smell of sweat and nervous intoxicating effect of teenage hormones Glee DVD . Yes, welcome to high school, people. Specifically, McKinley High Glee. Some things remain the same ridiculously insensitive Sue Sylvester, Will Schuester giving an assignment that he forgets all about 5 minutes later, and is sure to embarrass their students or children to sing Glee randomized to the chagrin of his peers Smallville DVD . However, both changed.

When new members honored route runners in September for the first time this season, Quinn was MIA, Sue threw his hat in the race for Congress in Ohio, Rachel and Kurt salivate over their joint dreams Julliard Pretty Little Liars DVD , Mercedes had a new boyfriend Puck Zizes dumped, and Will and Emma were almost shacking. Too much money is spent on the how, when and why. While I appreciate the tie most outstanding stories, I found it hard to forgive the unpleasant feeling of the story of Twilight Zone. But the joy is not known to be soft and subtle, so it would not have expected much more. House MD DVD

Sue may have requested a truce to the Glee Club last season, but you do not like her. First, she turned into a vicious circle Becky mini me of her. When Becky did you mean?! Second, to stand behind the candidate countries and candidate countries Undecided Any White did not work very well with the trainer The Simpsons DVD , so she plotted a way to run a candidate before. Find something everyone hates. It turns out people do not get stuck, eponymous artists who think they can do whatever they want, a professor of geometry even told her. Its anti-music campaign was born, and these numbers survey were on the rise.

# Posted: 27 Sep 2011 07:14

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# Posted: 13 Oct 2011 09:02

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