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# Posted: 29 Aug 2011 04:42

Most women will choose good trousers and fabrics jordan shoes , so that wear comfortable, but also cover up the shortcomings, create the perfect shape to the legs. The fabric on the market now more and gucci handbags, but not all fabrics are suitable for us.Here we give you some common pants fabric.
3, Denim
denim is famous of strong and asics shoes, and many more blue-based.Observe the fabric color.If it looks like a floating surface.Will fade a little hand rub products are substandard, do not buy.
4, Pure wool fabric
When you touch it,you will feel silky.however when you touch it on the opposite direction,there will be a slighte tingling.and color with soft natiral, eye-catching but not the old sense, Will hold tight fabric,then release it quickly.the fabric will be restored the status quo faster, as evidenced by good resilience.
3, Cotton fabric
Looks shiny and nike shoes sneakers, touch them feels mooth soft, smooth, flat.
  Pinch the fabric and d&g sunglasses release,the fabric have more fold&nbsp, and recovered slowly.
4, Linen fabric
Poor flexible, anti-wrinkle and fold recovery force is weak, touch it feel hard, sometimes wearing it feel prickle.
5, Leather fabric
Front surface to maintain the original natural leather material.when choose leather, the feel elastic, flexible and not rigid as well.Delicate fabric is good quality.Leather can not have flaws, such as scratches.
We all have physical defects, so we had to choose some pants that suitable for their own to cover up our flaws.
1, Hip problem
The women who too full or wide hips should choose pants must be moderate, and avoid wearing cuff of football shoes;smaller, such as the awl pants, low rise with straight jeans waist and hips to make the arc reduced, to reduce the outstanding sense of mlb cap, make your legs look shapely slender.
Tapered pants more suitable for flat buttocks of [url=]ferrari glasses[/url], because the narrow width of the shape of the buttocks look more plump make some in the hip place to add some decorations.Such as trouser pocket bags, flat and narrow hips also cover a good way to avoid wear straight jeans.
2, Lower back problems
The waist thick women should not be tight-fitting shirt or sweater and put it into the pants, do not use belts and other ornaments on waist,however the thin women can add some decorations in the waist, giving the feeling of moncler coat.
3,The problem of legs
The thick legs of women do not wear tight pants or shorts or short and wide for divided skirts.Straight jeans is best choice for thick thighs of canada goose coat, or both sides of the pants add some dark side of leather belt, so let pants look narrower, with a distinctive coat pattern, so that divert people's attention.Open up a lot on thin legs.Vertical stripes straight jeans and thick legs is a good choice to cover up, because the vertical stripes from the sight lines will be stretched my legs said.

# Posted: 31 Aug 2011 07:46

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