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# Posted: 23 Aug 2011 09:19

Vinegar is not only good condiment,but also have good beauty skin effect.the mani reason is vinegar consists of lv handbag,It has very strong sterilization effect to the have also protect function for our skin and hair.if you use the water with little vinegar clean that make skin absorb some nutrients that we that the skin plays soft,and increase the elasticity of nike dunk shoes that is the effect of vinegar.So how do we wash face right?
If your skin is more rough,you can use vinegar and glycerin rate 5:1,and then daub face,I think you have to do it every day,so that your skin will become delicate,and wrinkles will be reduced.
You can add a spoonful of vinegar in wash face water,also wash face again after washing.It also has the function of chanel earrings.Wash face need rice vinegar and put a spoonful of smaller with nhl jersey of should use water keep pat face about 5 minutes.then use paper blot water directly.if you do it every day,your face will whitening and exquisite not longer,
It is better that warm water with white vinegar to wach face.make your face wet,do not get water into eyes and more massage face then use scrub face again.
Let me introduces how to wask our face by vinegar:
1, The fruit vinegar that buy it from supermarket is concentrated,if you feel a bit vinegar smell,you can put some honey into it.please add clod boiled water with gucci men shoeswhen you drinking every time.The effect is very good.
2, The newspaper show that use white vinegar bubble fresh eggs,after one month,when you drink water,you can put a little it every can not only tender skin,but also put to high blood preesure and insomnia.
3,Reduce wrinkles:after washing face in the night,you can use a spoonful of vinegar with three scoops water mix,then will tampon wet and cheap polo shirts face where have wrinkle place gently,and massage your face by finger.Thia way can help eliminate fine wrinkles on the face.
4, Alleviate fatigue: you can put 1-2 scoops of tablespoons vinegar into tub when you are bathing.It can not only eliminate aging skin layer,but also can eliminate the fatigue, glows the spirit,and armani sunglasses appears rosy cheeks after washing,
In addition,we have to pay attention to our daily this:
The first:how to care skin before go to bed.
The busy work make our life become very tired.but no matter how much we tired,we have to take attention to daily maintenance,Especially before gping to must clean face before go to bed,plus use keep wet noodle file.maybe you cleaned it when you bath,buy you can wach it again before you go to bed,it can help you shrink pores,and apply the moisturizing mask asfter washing to ensure your skin with fountain pen.
The second: Eat more antioxidant and vitamin C food
you can eat more antioxidant food, it be helpful for aging skin resistance.
we can eat more calories of food in the three meals, it is to help the body to create the good method of active oxygen environment!Such as tomatoes: eggplant red element of chanel handbags ability is 20 times as much vitamin C, and the tomatoes with heat than when eaten raw lycopene higher content.Grapes, nuts, and so on, not only are rich in vitamin C, E, with antioxidant effect, but also inhibit melanin formation magical effects!The photographic food eat less as far as possible, because after use can make melanin cell vitality increase, make the skin black, spots increase!Such as black soya bean, black sesame seed, potato and celery, brunet fish, beef and levis jeans and so on

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# Posted: 25 Aug 2011 08:59

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# Posted: 14 Sep 2011 10:53

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# Posted: 14 Sep 2011 10:54

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# Posted: 15 Sep 2011 03:52

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# Posted: 17 Sep 2011 10:01

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# Posted: 19 Sep 2011 02:38

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# Posted: 23 Sep 2011 08:44

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# Posted: 12 Oct 2011 06:00

We all know ed hardy, Ed hardy clothing is fantastic; especially ed hardy uk is now in the vogue. Ed hardy t-shirtsare adored by young people of character. On the beach, ed hardy mens swim trunks are their best choice, together with ed hardy shoes. Women like to wear ed hardy hoodies because they are cozy and convenient. When embellished with ed hardy jeans, no one can refuse to turn around to have a look. If you want to choose a sexy but unique ed hardy swimwear for women, ed hardy is your best choice. If you are worrying about wearing dress at the party, ed hardy dresses are prepared for you.

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Yves saint Laurent shoes must blow your mind when first look at it. Boots are the classic design of it with fabulous color. Such thing is also in pumps, the style of which is regarded as the core soul of new shoes. Fashionable sandals are really perfectly fitted to every woman.

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ugg sale uk
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ray ban sale
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uggs outlet
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Graphic design is a creative process which involves using a lot of pictures <a href="">ugg boots uk</a>, graphics Deep Cobalt Bailey Button Ugg Boots 5803 <a href="">uggs outlet</a> Women ugg shoulder bags-017 <a href="">ugg boots sale</a> <a href="">UGG Nightfall</a> Women ugg shoulder bags-017 <a href="">ugg boots outlet</a> ugg Black Fashion Sandals Deep ugg Annie MM Noir M40308 ugg black sheepsk with jewelry shoulder bag 2909, logo, clip arts and using it all together for generating a great presentation. There is a growing demand in the market for quality graphic designer. It takes a lot of effort to be a successful graphic designer. Such designers generally need to be blessed with lot of inborn creativity. The designers may use a lot of features like motion images <a href="">uggs on sale</a>, graphics <a href="">cheap ugg boots</a>, typography and animation to present a topic in a very attractive and illustrative manner.

ferragamo shoes
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In the absence of a deal, automatic spending cuts of $1.2 trillion will be triggered throughout the government over a 10-year period, including $600 billion from the Pentagon. ferragamo shoes

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uggs clearance
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With stylish UGG Boots Clearance Chocolate, you won't need any boots for dressing up or kicking back in casual clothing.
uggs clearance look great in every setting. You can wear modern and stylish over jeans for a trendy look. These
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cheap shoes
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Nike Air Max 2012 is helpful for running and movement. The comfortable design will easily help reduce the impact force.

jordan retro 11
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The advent of the "Warrior" brand new trademark is more refreshing. April 4, 1935, Shanghai Chint company officially registered Chinese Jordan Shoes Sale"Warrior" and English "Warrior,"Air Jordan Retro 11 sale the brand. Back of trademark creativity comes fromcheap Air Jordan Retro 13 the English "WARRIOR" which means warrior, warrior, fighter, which will "WARRIOR" homonym come the Chinese trademark name "Warrior", and "Warrior" with Residence.

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