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# Posted: 23 Aug 2011 09:10

In 1963, Mary kay cosmetics company was born in the United States of Dallas. Today, it has reached 4 billion us dollars, sales in the global DuoGe 40 countries and regions have 1.5 million beauty advisor for tens of millions of consumers to provide lv purse beauty consultation and service. With its achievement, make Mary kay was listed in the "wealth" often the top 500 enterprises, was named the 100 best employees of the company and the job is worth 10 home women most one of the promotion by; The godfather, Mary kay was as the only woman--women, by Forbes magazine's 200 years of 20 global business the most iconic and get great achievements in dunk shoes
In 1995, the international famous beauty skin care brand come to China, and start for every Chinese consumers with many first-class quality of the products, is to bring you more diverse choice, let you become forever fashion iraqis.
Ms Mary kay use all the life of the $5000 savings, in her 20 years old son and nine beauty advisor in the United States on friday September 13, 1963 ,Under the help of Dallas set up the first covers an area of five hundred square feet store Mary kay cosmetics Co., LTD. This is a dream come true to help women the company provides chanel jewelry a in income, career development opportunity and personal ambition in the development of infinite opportunity.
1969 Mary kay sent the first batch of pink Cadillac to first five dealers; Mary kay Dallas was completed. The factory Today, Mary kay company has the American southwest largest cosmetics production plant, about three football fields.
1971 set up the first a overseas branch: Australia branch.1973 Mary kay ushered in the 10 anniversary, have at the same time more than 21000 beauty consultant.1980 after cheap nhl jersey, Mary kay and expand to Canada and Argentina market.1981 the first published autobiography, Mary has sold globally in 2 million more than this.1983 Mary kay the company ushered in 20 anniversary, the company has sales of more than 600 million dollars. Mary kay hold.There are nearly 195000 beauty consultant.
1984 the United States house of 100 listed Mary kay most worth employees work of montblanc pen. The book about Mary kay management On the market. Become the second of sales of books. Mary kay.
1985 the leveraged buy-out method to buy back all current stock, make Mary kay reply mom-and-pop private.1989 in cosmetics industry first precedent refused to use animal testing. Mary kay launch environmental activities, to collect Paper, gucci shoes sale, glass and aluminum products.
1990 Mary kay in global 10 countries or areas to develop business.1991 the company sales have more than $1 billion.1992 Mary kay company on fortune magazine five hundred big enterprise list.1993 "the United States once again become Mary kay 100 best employee of the company is one of" the work, only 55 Companies list for two times, and become the's ten most worth of women work one of polo shirt. Covers an area of 3000 ping Square feet, with 30 years of direct selling history museum in headquarters built. Mary kay Mary kay company. And again
Fortune magazine on the list of top five hundred enterprises, and forward a 57. Mary kay 30 anniversary, beauty consultant a total of 340000 number.
1994 the company sales have more than $1.7 billion.1995 Mary kay cosmetics company is fortune magazine "America's 100 most worthy of the company" work of staff.Mary kay issue: the third book You can have everything You can have it "(all), a redWithin the period that jumped out of the bestseller list.
1996 sales performance tenth consecutive year of continuous growth, sales of more than $2 billion. Mary kay was Charitable foundation set up, as a non-profit public foundation provided for women's cancer research. The international women's BBS (International Women most) of praise Mary kay of the status of Women equality and carry
Rise and special contribution. Mary kay was in the ai ms Forbes: history's greatest enterprise story , and the other 20 entrepreneurs also been reported, she was one of the only armani eyeglasses.
1997 Mary kay was charitable foundation, ai to give 500000 dollars to the famous cancer research experts, especially for women tend to has cancer for further study.1998 Mary kay cosmetics company third on wealth door) magazine "the United States (the most worth employees work" a one of companies.
1999 life a year of online TV based on the results of the vote granted.Mary kay was 20 century business--lady prominent women title.2000 life a year of online TV based on the results of chanel bags, Mary kay was 20 century business--lady prominent women title. The Interactive weekly "Interactive reception for the fourth big company named Mary kay global online retail company.

# Posted: 31 Aug 2011 07:47

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# Posted: 29 Sep 2011 08:18

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# Posted: 8 Oct 2011 06:44

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# Posted: 10 Oct 2011 04:04

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# Posted: 5 Jun 2012 06:24

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# Posted: 6 Jun 2012 02:13

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