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# Posted: 23 Aug 2011 09:05

What is love? This is an eternal problem in all heart. Love is the eternal search. Once love lv handbag, it will become eternal. But before we really find love?
When we define love at the same time, it also denied love? We believe in love to add restrictions, we try to understand it in their own way, or when you want it for themselves, we also destroy it? We love all around each pot, and how to give the expected return is determined. But this is true love?
Love itself is indeed unconditional. Love everything else is just an attempt by them to gradually understand the true meaning of armani sunglasses. Love may be noble and good, is the passion and fountain pen, is brave and pure; Love may be short-lived, but if easily fade away, it may not love the original. Love is unstoppable, and often less than our expectations. Thus, we can through observation of human nature.
Love is like a fresh experience of Smart's poetry; Love a wonderful experience sounds like a note, so look forward to the ears to be exciting to meet; Love is like the experience of fountain pen on the battlefield scene; The experience of love to give people new options like; Love is like the experience of the long-awaited nestled in the crook of the arm when the lover is showing endless love.
How do you deal with every day to give you love it? How many times for fear of being rejected, we are unable to express love to others? In each confession of cheap polo shirts, when refused, do we not reject God's gift it?
Confusion, emptiness, loneliness, looking for. For those who are experienced, divorced, or even lose too love people, so parting but the greatest pain in life. Worried if the endless pain; Life of frustration and nike dunk shoes all the time to remind us: We are in the cognitive process. We are recognizing the power of life and their passion, knowledge of the faith of the pious, self-understanding of chanel earrings, understanding their nature. We look forward to love back in the day, we all the time looking at every corner.
No matter how much we say, then, how many tears shed, no one can help us through the haze of spiritual repair and growth process of gucci men shoes, rain. We need to re-ignition of the fire of the soul, needs care, not to let the wind to blow, will not allow himself to be dark, surrounded by cold and helpless. At this point, we find around us and with each of the love of life support. We will eventually find that the sun still rises to greet the dawn; Stars are still flashing, to guide the direction of levis jeans; Rivers still flow downstream rivers classified inviting sea, the trees still grow up day, praise God gives it life. We straight body, learn a lesson from all this.
If one morning when you wake up, you find that the world only one person, how to deal with you when? You love who? Why do we have to wait so long before the end to start a new journey? This is an endless endless, impossible to define love journey.
Love does not ask the reasons. It will not come near you, not away from you. Love is always there. It is not only in our hands, our hearts, rather it is our hands, our every heartbeat of nhl jersey. Love will surround us safe, we regard it as a real breath every time, always with the same love in, is the secret of overcoming all difficulties.

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