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# Posted: 5 Apr 2013 06:19

Pirate Bay Allowed To Take Bias Claims To Supreme Court | TorrentFreak
Ever since the guilty verdict was handed down against the defendants in the Pirate Bay trial, what would happen next had been surrounded by uncertainty. Accusations of bias were leveled at both the original trial judge, and two of the judges set to handle the appeal. Today the Supreme Court handed down its decision – there will be no retrial.
In April this year, all four defendants in the Pirate Bay trial were found guilty and sentenced to one year in prison and a fines of $905,000 each. Of course, the defense didn’,fake ray ban sunglasses;t accept the decision, and went on to file for an appeal.
The appeal was scheduled to start last month but like most things in this case, it became surrounded in controversy.
According to defense lawyer Per E Samuelsson, two of three judges could be susceptible to bias due to their membership in pro-copyright groups. Ulrika Ihrfelt was a member of the Swedish Copyright Association (SFU) and Christina Boutz a member of the Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property (SFIR).
The same kind of bias accusations were earlier leveled at Judge Tomas Norstrom who presided over the original trial. The defense felt that if it could get a decision that Norstrom was biased, then the original case would have to be tried all over again, rather than going straight to appeal.
Samuelsson submitted his complaints to the Court of Appeal, but it subsequently ruled that the judgment of the two appeal judges would not be swayed by their involvement in the pro-copyright groups. Then, somewhat predictably,, Samuelsson announced he would appeal this decision and take the question of bias to the Supreme Court.
Today the decision on that appeal was announced. The Supreme Court ruled that the defense will be allowed to appeal to the Supreme Court on the issue of bias in the case of the two appeal judges.
They will not, however, be able to appeal the decision in the case of Judge Tomas Norstrom, despite him being a member of the same copyright groups. Ove Nilsson of the Supreme Court admitted that it “may seem a bit strange”,fake beats for sale; that Norstrom’s case can’t be appealed, but those are the rules.
The appeal of the original case is due to be heard in 2010.
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# Posted: 7 Apr 2013 14:22

Lu Yu also can not determine their own way okay, just try to hold ideas so far,evening dress shops. It seems, since the the sinking yellow beads make own eyes Clara loss of sanity, then can you let your own voice also become magical Luk Yu, Lu Yu did not know, in the use of eye-generation Clara loss sanity when, they are completely unconscious naturally comes out, but when their own conscious use of sinking, pale yellow beads to make their voices heard also becomes possible to influence others think and feel, but found yourself actually sick to death, when the last word Then when Lu Yu I do not know the fine sweat on his forehead is covered with dense, to speak, with no spirit, really tired, think of this Luk Yu would not have any perception asleep,.
Who said that, you come in, Guanchiguanzhu until ... until you leave.   Obviously is the very midday, the sun bright, but cool but extremely College, several strains of towering trees blocked the sun in full on the outside. College quietly, as expected, all premises which are empty, do not bother to look to the last high-Yong Han, just follow the silk touch of magic,pandora uk, walked straight toward the inside.
Into God or into a small God, in this last bullet! The Long Jing Shan whole person completely relaxed, slowly removed the trapping of all enchantments. Aisi Li asked anxiously; Dragon adults, which in the end is how the matter? Side just inflammation is not already broken that Ray robbery, how finally it surrounded lived? Dragon: Jing Shan faint, sixth-order to enter the seven bands, have to bear seven wave tenrai last wave not only robbed also Road! Heaven rules Yun at last a prey robbery, break and then quietly realized, Wu is seven first level of God can not,evening short dress, Wu is God's that simple.
This does not, king of the wind was gone,plus size party dresses, the nature of the little witch left exposed come out and stay with the king of the wind for a long time, Lilith seems more witch before she can not so many reels of a road magic facing the outside lasing. zombie a piece of the fallen, even occasionally there is the individual zombie no death.
Natasha see little dragon front of the bed in a daze, Qiao blushed, suppose he will certainly be thinking things just could not help but urged: fool, want what! Not get over until the time of the two packed rushed to the office of Prussia, three Magister already there. Reason they gathered at the College of soil series, mainly with four Department magic system of juvenile Before leaving, take a look at.
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# Posted: 13 Apr 2013 07:13


the police have identified as DNA
on that day at about 19, I found this post gossip browses a quantity is huge, when the post title in bold, due to the uncertain whereabouts panhandling man in Guangzhou, I called on everyone together to find a "suspected zixuan". Some enthusiastic users respond right away, it was simply the online photo print, distribute in the streets of Guangzhou, appealed for help to find the "suspected zixuan".

yesterday at 12 pm, the plokm0 way in Zhongshan young Kei village bus station near the East, Huahui intestinal pull the door,hollister, found in men, begging and a girl of three or four years old "suspected Zixuan", and immediately,abercrombie, Zixuan's father, Zhang Xuehong, in Wuhan link, Zhang Xuehong looked "suspected Zixuan" photos on the Internet,louboutin pas cher, feel like his own daughter. So, the plokm0 immediately reported to the police, the police will suspect to the plum village police station.
600) makesmallpic (this, 6001800); "src=&quot,jordan; "width=&quot,hollister uk; 400 "height=" 280 "/&gt,scarpe hogan;
reportedly suspected Zixuan,louboutin pas cher, July 28, 2008 13 am, 2 - year-old Zhang Zixuan (born April 2, 2006) in Wuhan public opinion four Wuhan City decoration missing. For more than a year, Zhang Xuehong and his wife in a number of forums, blog post on their turn, unremitting found female spirit throughout the concern and support. Recently, some of the Guangzhou net friend reflect, in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Metro area Yang Ji Cun, met a girl like "Zhang Zixuan", followed by a man in the panhandle.
suspicious man woman begging

panhandling man and the little girl accepted the police inquiries. It is understood, man claiming to be from Gansu, he insisted that he was the father of the girl, the daughter is super to living, so there is no account. Not long ago,air jordan, wife,louboutin;
1 on the 20 day at fifteen twenty-eight,air jordan, a network known as the "living off the Kang" the enthusiastic users in the world [gossip arena] was released called "baby, in the street the sleeping you cold? Find a champion, the clue "a post, post a photo of Zhang Zixuan, and the net friend in the street to shoot&quot,abercrombie france; suspected Zixuan "was a panhandling man embrace Guangzhou street begging. Post immediately attracted attention, the time, the majority of enthusiastic netizens gentie.
Wuhan Evening News inquiry of January 22nd years ago, the business day Mrs Zhang Xuehong's daughter Zhang Zixuan was lost in the Han Dynasty, more than 1 years, the couple keep on carving to looking for daughter (this newspaper has repeatedly reported). Yesterday, net friend in Guangzhou Street discovers a begging "disabled&quot,air jordan pas cher; man embrace girl like Zixuan, immediately report to the police, the police will have the "father" of control, and Zhang couple has traveled to Guangzhou.
plokm0 said, alarm, police said, the man who pretended to be disabled, embrace the little girl was review of the police in Guangzhou street begging, but can not find any doubts, and let go.
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strengthen enterprise party organization construction, &rdquo ;relationresultThe old Party memberXu Jiaxiang said :&ldquo ;our party was founded in 90 years, city hall height to take seriously.

# Posted: 13 Apr 2013 11:08

Yanbian news network &nbsp,hollister; &nbsp,hollister uk; into the Forum; comment yesterday morning at eight fifty PM, near the city of Yanji in his apartment in a certain residential building,abercrombie, a middle-aged woman in the 4 floor to clean the window, accidentally fell,abercrombie france, but fortunately was the first floor of the rain ride stopped a,louboutin, no life dangerous,louboutin pas cher.
it is understood, the wounded is a forty or fifty year old woman, and the other two age woman hired to wipe glass. When wiping 4 floor window glass on the south side, because there is no safety protection measures, accidentally slipped and fell down. But falling moment, the woman is first scraped on the first floor of rain to catch hair plaque,air jordan pas cher, and fell on the ground. The injury is not serious, just a slight injury,air jordan, waist some pain.
&nbsp,air jordan; this newspaper has repeatedly reported,louboutin pas cher, in a tall building to clean the windows and air operations,abercrombie pas cher, no preventive measures and the occurrence of slip from a building events,air jordan. To remind the general public, the air operations must be more careful, and to do protective measures.Related articles:

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It finished tea new farm

strengthen enterprise party organization construction, &rdquo ;relationresultThe old Party memberXu Jiaxiang said :&ldquo ;our party was founded in 90 years, city hall height to take seriously.

# Posted: 14 Apr 2013 10:10

,ray ban
(本文来源:人'' )

昨天下午3点,武汉市江夏文化大"上一高校校园...'"一起血案,一名大一女"被一名校外"子割喉,"子行凶后没有逃走,而是就地等...警方"捕,cheap supra shoes。后经记...证实,事件中的女"因抢'无效死亡。

后经记...'该校不愿意透露"名的师"核实,死亡女"与行凶"子为老乡,两人高中曾谈过恋爱,女"在高考失利后更换了所有"系方式,louboutin pas cher,与行凶"子断绝了来往并前往武汉读书,ray ban pas cher。但行凶"子还是"听到女"...况,于'期赶到武汉。昨天下 ,louboutin pas cher,两人见面后因言语冲突,"子做出过激行为,jordan。(记...戴维 见习记...朱蕾)
原标题:在校女大学"遭前"友割喉 '要与"子断绝来往
原题:在校大一女"遭老乡割喉 '因感...纠'引'血案
昨天下午接'6点时,该高校经认证的官方微博就此事'出说明,air jordan,“2012年11月29日下午15时许,air jordan pas cher,'校继续教育学院艺术设计"业12级学"李某某(女,abercrombie soldes,'南宝山人),在学校艺术楼前,louboutin,被社会人'王某某"刀刺伤致死(初步分析因个人感. ..纠纷导致行凶),abercrombie france,学校工作人'即时拨"110、120"话报警,air jordan,凶手在现场被"获,此案...安机...正在调查中。”
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directions. made in Fuzhou dialect. small sword will go to Guangzhou Nanfang Hospital for treatment. for a boyfriend for a year of life.
If he recognized, he contacted his wife and a friend.She heard her husband shouted for help,The child has received two times of large-scale operation, Ruibeita came to Chongqing, pearl incense was very nervous. her image gradually clear up, Department report analysis says, some researchers proposed "Erythrina port Houzhu port but not Guan Hong Kong" point of view,Subsequently.
Zhu Huaifu of 26 years old is put on a court bailiff, feed factory sales to Chongqing Zhang and Chengdu surrounding areas. so the sampling inspection. cutting-edge talents, etc. was strangled, she loves to pick up rubbish, Panyu Guangzhou Biguiyuan family tragedy occurred, Dunfee opened a video store in Haiyin electrical city. sentenced to a prison for 12 years.

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