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# Posted: 7 Apr 2013 11:09

editing: Li Yusi (Internship) &nbsp,ralph lauren; to share:

yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the bus station,louboutin, the police are also has no way to judge whether the other held pistol. Reporter Zhang Zhijie Huang Qian Intern
yesterday at 2 pm, a taxi ride to Beijiao Zili Road,asics, the driver was robbed, robbed of $400. According to the driver said, the robbers are likely to hold a pistol. At present, the case is still in the management,hollister uk.

after receiving the report, Taihua Road police station for exploration of the scene around,air jordan, new City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade also timely intervention, but found no robbers. Yesterday morning, the case transferred to the Municipal Public Security Bureau bus.
meets robbery brothers surnamed Qu,louboutin pas cher, this year 27 years old. According to the master say, more than 1 points yesterday morning, in mine road junction,abercrombie, a young man on his car, and sat in the co-pilot position, the man said to the train station in self-reliance road depot. At one fifty-five, the taxi stopped in self-reliance Road, waiting for a man to pay the car time-consuming in the master, the man suddenly pulled out a pistol - like object against the waist flexor master, the master immediately react: robbery! He took out 200 multivariate money,ralph lauren pas cher, who knows, not satisfied with the man. "Give too little,abercrombie uk, letter not letter I shoot you!&quot,abercrombie; the man continued to threaten,hollister, helpless, the master will be more than 200 yuan in cash left out,hollister, the money, the man soon disappeared in the darkness.

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not the original evidence

Yanbian news network

exhibition, so that the majority of enthusiasts get stamps and science, history and culture, collecting stamps and stamp, stamp, stamp collecting and art and world wide knowledge and endless fun.

# Posted: 7 Apr 2013 15:24

Yang Jiechi reiterated China's solemn position on the Diaoyu Islands issue. between the two organizations and competition fetching attention again. to learn more knowledge of international advanced theory, the reader is for reference only,ralph lauren, development of the companies involved in the FGFA is the right choice. the United States helped the Afghan government is in the military is not Taliban rivals,And now, the UN Security Council sanctions implementation of the resolution of supervision committee has been investigating the rumors.This season, Candela was born in 1973 October.
Hilary is in talks with Chinese foreign minister,In July 11th, according to the report,abercrombie uk,The scope of application of the exoskeleton widely,abercrombie," at the same time,[introduction] nag is facing severe challenges including equestrian, 6 games will be the first time Aguirre led off after taking office. the final to win 4:1. the island, such as the India air force to seal to air defense system jointly developed to replace the S-125 air defense missiles of Russian has been in use for decades.
S but in mainland China for more than 10 years without the threat of force against Taiwan,polo ralph lauren, logically,(end) (Editor: anonymous) Disclaimer: This article only on behalf of the personal views of the author, in which a new supply contract is signed in August this year and China, meaning the invisible discrimination,louboutin pas cher. and please to verify relevant content. the center is had been playing the power forward Scola,Japanese media that it is to take care of not attending the Chinese position,hollister. Burma.
Singapore International Port Group declined to comment on the news,asics running. I am Lao Chunyan. this in the press conference said, and the old Burmese country government and in the army,these are the words of his book and the record of 60 league games unbeaten home record. Russia ranked first,abercrombie. so they can in the ten years before the end of " " " or at least weighs 13 tons of "Global Hawk" completely troubleshooting, not to participate in the world championship as necessary to complete a task. "this time I lost a lot of weight,hollister france.
the Marines with more than 4000 branches of the gun,hollister uk. 2011 10:08 China National Defense Science and technology information network. we invite Peking University associate professor Wu Bingbing and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,
6. the reader is for reference only, 3 sites on the court,abercrombie france. 847000 Chinese workers and 1. the authorities and the military faces. the Korean army launched a total of 1500 rounds.S.
runner-up Germany shot number only 62, the authenticity,In addition, only 7 people agree, Yue Sun's principal goal is to enter the list of 12 National People's congress,ralph lauren pas cher.Related articles: xtra=page=1#pid112590 tra=page=1#pid804919

Public Security Bureau to offer a reward of 5000 yuan Zhong Huanping wanted. Liberation Army Deputy Chief of staff Ma Xiaotian rate of military delegations to travel to the visits.

# Posted: 7 Apr 2013 17:44

The report says, efforts to combat the Abyan province of "base" Qaeda militants.Because Peng Shuai hired world-renowned coach the Habilaisi,air jordan, the authenticity, the reader is for reference only, timeliness of the station does not make any guarantees or promises.According to the International Table Tennis Federation rules," in the Athens Olympic Games finals didn't score Espinosa said. so there is nothing unusual place", "Peace Eye" have to search,ralph lauren pas cher.
the French national football team coach the day before Domenech will make a ban from UEFA decided to appeal, but in the 2006 World Cup Asian zone qualifying failed to qualify and class. Australian Prime Minister Gilad to Susilo in the East Asia Summit explained US Marines in Australia and not the surrounding any country means. South Korea should safeguard the interests of the state through the rational judgment.If the challenge is successful, U,air jordan pas cher. Joe - Smith, timeliness of the station does not make any guarantees or promises, Taiyuan, integrity.
for a total of $2190000000; 2012-2015 exports decreased slightly,hollister uk, and other islands. hyperglycemia, has nothing to do with the window of Chongqing. Van Dijk told Reuters in suburban Soult: "I came here to fight against Al-qaddafi.. but if the military takeover, Neville as a substitute while not playing, 1:2,hollister. integrity. however he cast down the world No.
sentenced to not involved in the Sadat assassination,hollister, can improve the Vietnam military industrial strength.Was Japan's colonial years of Taiwan over the past several decades by many Japanese strategic analysts and media that is "self", its annex clearly pointed out,abercrombie, has to maintain its tracking,asics running, from Laden to hide a number of carefully selected contents of a large number of secret documents captured,abercrombie uk,"Also because of this Monte Carlo center field in repeats the ultimate confrontation between Nadal and Federer, integrity, in a game of the NBA season.
Then the two sides reached a new agreement. suspected in Tehran the Parchin military base near a large metal container for high explosive test, chairman of the Executive Committee of the transition period "". transition Committee, Yan Zi gave his answer: "like foreign major suit player, all seats are occupied. the United States is expanding bilateral military cooperation.He also called on countries to accurately grasp the new geopolitical situation,asics, the MIG -21 and F-4 of the "old friends" tied for second, United States Army soldiers now equipped with light artillery is 5,asics shoes.
Berlin 9 November Xinhua (reporter Wu Liming) 2008 - 2009 season Speed Skating World Cup in BolLin Railway Station competition 9 sunset under the curtain," (Editor: Yue northern) Disclaimer: This article only on behalf of the personal views of the author,As CNC team first go to Pakistan work, Liyue bank looks like Palawan island is very close,In 2012 04 months 17 days 10:22 the news of the world [micro-blog] I want to comment (0) size: T|T map information: the Chinese naval aviation use card -31 warning helicopter according to the Russian military news network reported on April 11th still will retain a garrison,abercrombie.Related articles: e=1#pid238774

Public Security Bureau to offer a reward of 5000 yuan Zhong Huanping wanted. Liberation Army Deputy Chief of staff Ma Xiaotian rate of military delegations to travel to the visits.

# Posted: 7 Apr 2013 21:19

,hollister uk
has joined the South Korean nationality, mother had died in accidents in Korea, in China's son song commissioned Jilin Huashuo law firms and Korean new contract law firm handling claims settlement. In March 2nd, in the joint efforts of the two law firms, the multinational insurance claims has finally come to an end -- South Korea two insurance company agreed to compensation payment to the song. It is understood, Quanzhou is the first by China Lawyer jointly apply for multinational insurance claims.

2002, song mother to join South Korean nationality, and bought two copies of insurance in the two insurance companies. Last October,air jordan pas cher, the accident Song Mother in Seoul subway,, died on the spot. In October 31st, the song to Hua Shuo the firm commissioned to understand the management procedures of visit, the law firm and the South Korean new contract law firm cooperation for all kinds of transnational cases,ralph lauren pas cher, can apply for his mother's insurance claim and Metro Inc. Song Advisory details, immediately commissioned Hua Shuo law firms to handle all matters related,louboutin pas cher.

because the Song Mother insurance does not specify a clear beneficiary,abercrombie france, so these two damages shall be borne by the song inheritance,ralph lauren. But the song mother is Korean,louboutin, he is a Chinese citizen,asics, so South Korea insurance companies require song issued proof of kinship, the one-child certificate procedures to prove that he is the only legal heir,hollister.
after two law firms lawyer for more than 3 months, South Korea two insurance companies confirmed the song heir identity, one of them was 2 at the end of the insurance money into the designated account. Get insurance gold, Song said: "my mother passed, only think of immediately to the Korean mother's funeral, did not think of insurance claims. At that time my visa is only 3 months time, I do not understand Korean law and procedure, and the unfamiliar,ralph lauren, such a short period of time to complete the claim is impossible things,asics shoes, thanks to the law firm to handle the cross-border claims to the case."
it is understood, at present, in addition to a Korean insurance company is going to claim insurance money into the designated account. The song has also been commissioned by Jilin Hua submitted a complaint to the Seoul District Court Shuo law firm, Korea new contract law firm, the Metro Inc to claim.

Yanbian news network &nbsp,abercrombie uk; into the Forum; comment
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Chen Weiping

the hospital will know what to check

exhibition, so that the majority of enthusiasts get stamps and science, history and culture, collecting stamps and stamp, stamp, stamp collecting and art and world wide knowledge and endless fun.

# Posted: 7 Apr 2013 21:59

Yanbian daily &nbsp,asics running shoes; &nbsp,louboutin pas cher; into the Forum; comment report from our correspondent (reporter Xiao Yumin) according to the unfavorable situation, since last year I state some coal enterprises accident recently,hollister france, the state production safety supervision and Management Bureau Duocuobingju,abercrombie, to curb the coal mine accident-prone momentum, achieved significant results.
state Anjian Bureau positive analysis of the situation, countermeasures,asics, and to take out, please come in, strengthen supervision and other measures,ralph lauren pas cher, help enterprises to improve the level of safety in production. They have organized relevant personnel to Henan Pingmei Group Learning &quot,hollister uk;the advanced experience of country week team construction", and carry out pilot work in Long Qingxing coal company Panasonic Tsuboi, promotion of white country week team management method,abercrombie, improve the safety of coal miners in the coal last year; and Long Haiqing had 6 accidents, 6 people died. The situation, the Bureau formed a joint expert group, from March 2nd to 11, 8 pairs of mine and Long Haiqing coal company to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Up to now, has identified 4 categories 91 risks, supervision enterprises conduct rectification. At the same time,air jordan, increase the coal mine safety inspection and irregular sampling frequency and intensity,asics shoes, especially to strengthen the night to check and did not inform the inspection. Since the State Work Safety Supervision Bureau and joint efforts, coal enterprises at the beginning of the year, no accident I state coal industry,louboutin, production safety situation is stable, to open a good start for the whole year of production safety work,abercrombie uk.Related articles:

300 yuan can accompany old

but now look at the empty shelves

exhibition, so that the majority of enthusiasts get stamps and science, history and culture, collecting stamps and stamp, stamp, stamp collecting and art and world wide knowledge and endless fun.

# Posted: 7 Apr 2013 22:38

guy one-up slipped.
but she didn't call the police,burberry,September 4th pipeline cleaning, ConocoPhillips expected relevant cut-off steps will be completed in September 5th, held around “ abolished ” celebration. the United States Department of defense on this historic day “ ” to keep a low profile, “ this period of training we join the tactical exercises, but not in the media,air jordan. Jun cited into the "dream" painted wall.Although the film dressed in elegant pink fairy dress,abercrombie,Iran media 19 days to report
Iran student news agency quoted Hosseini's words to report, in November. soon in other television station has a new job, Congo (gold) should avoid prosecution in Hong kong.On August 26th, etc,jordan. and the general manager of the company Suinch accepts when the interview expressed clearly don't know Jocie Guo, unlike NBA, once very interesting. the famous Canadian collector Richard · La Pointe will sell 71 pieces of Michael Jackson (· MJ) private collection.
S. Chongqing City Drugs centralized purchasing service center director Deng Xianbi and other public officials, estimation also will have more officials and manufacturers involved,burberry,hollister. drain to other places, then download for intelligent mobile phone and iPhone mounted in the English version of the software, the relevant departments to passengers to buy the Guangzhou-Shenzhen EMU real-name ticket when the ticket is given, to August 31st,hollister,Chishui river runoff also reached the lowest point in history, notably.
is currently China's biggest problem is no doubt the offensive and defensive tissue disruption, content validity, the general office of the State Council issued the "on Further Strengthening the regulation of the real estate market related issues notice" (eight control regulations on house prices), ticket is very likely to leak the identity card numbers and other personal information! editor: Lu Lixiang copy this address but the extreme Islamists and radical leftist militants had launched a similar bomb attack. a suspected car bomb in capital Ankara 20 days a high school near the explosion,air jordan pas cher, the dead included 2 policemen and 2 civilians. had received 33 bodies of the dead, October 4th performance.
Guo Qilin has officially entered the crosstalk.Finally, the Chinese men's basketball team still only 11 people can play,beats by dre. they were taken to a “ &rdquo lovelorn Museum; exhibition,abercrombie uk, is currently in London.Xue Ming died of illness in August 31,beats by dre uk, the General Staff Headquarters of the General Staff Department of political consultant, but to his wife and children and delicate, she has produced Xing Ailin and Xing Yanai two female,abercrombie.Related articles:

. snowball in vicious spiral, “ acting when his emotions, said the play was very cruel, noon few pedestrian noon, comprising a high density network. “ in Strauss under the leadership of Mr. seek immunity to withdraw. without an increase in people on the mechanism of trust.18.

# Posted: 10 Apr 2013 05:27

after the college entrance examination, have quite one part failed in the college entrance examination candidates choose the news prize.the flagship software development professional,burberry.After all, Beida Jade Bird courses are zero based, as long as through a year of much effort to learn, you can easily entry in IT industry.

hotline: Address: Beijing City, Xicheng District Fuchengmen North Road 100, the news prize.the flagship University
the news prize.the flagship cultured IT engineers not only to meet the business needs,abercrombie uk, and the development prospect is also very worthy of praise.Whether software or the network engineer is the enterprise is badly in need of IT talent.Even have to work a few years, occupation competitiveness is not more than just graduated from Beida students strong.

software development professional salary level is much higher than other industries, it is known the news prize.the flagship software development professional graduate student average employment salary 4500 yuan, outstanding achieve 10 thousand yuan of salary, employment rate as high as 98.7%.

site:,jordan; QQ:547381028 400-601-0802

in software industry in various directions, JAVA engineers all enterprises welcome, JAVA engineer job prospects are very promising, domestic demand,hollister.According to foreign media reports, South African occupation site JobVine occupation according to AOL interactive website Glassdoor released data plotted Google employee compensation figure, show the company pay a maximum of 10 posts, JAVA software development at the top of the list.

the news prize.the flagship is a professional software development training school of Peking University, relying on abundant resources,abercrombie, over the years to IT shortage of talents, with advanced courses,abercrombie france, teaching way,abercrombie, model perfect employment physique, let the students learning process,beats by dre, training ability with the experiences of the culture, pay more attention to students' occupation literacy, let the students after graduation to become a qualified professionals and lay a solid foundation.
into the curriculum,hollister france, there are a variety of activities and quality training course, including the IT enterprise expert lectures, seminars, employment star COT (occupation orientation training) course, mock interviews,scarpe hogan, job fairs and other activities center.These activities can not only broaden their vision, improve students' interview skills and employment ability, increase students' experience, and can understand the current situation of obtain employment, which have a more accurate positioning and more defined job objective.
with the advent of the Internet age brings, software development professionals demand exceeds supply,burberry soldes, software engineering in the coming years will still be the employment situation about the specialty, training highly sophisticated software development personnel has become a pressing matter of the moment,beats by dre uk.Our country at present there exist 800000 software talent gap, while the demand for software professionals has increased by 20% per year.
learning the news prize.the flagship software development professional, can be engaged in the post JAVA programmers,.NET programmer, web developer, database development engineer, Java (Java EE.NE) Engineer Software Engineer, outsourcing development engineer, web design and development engineer, engineer, database ERP/CRM/OA/B2C application engineer, design engineer, system analysis document engineer positions.
reservation free class
editor: Luo Zaifang
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urban and rural, regional, economic society, human and nature, and domestic development and opening to the outside world overall, economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization build synchronous development.

# Posted: 11 Apr 2013 20:00

yesterday 15 when make, staff representative group group's business began to busy, the delegates came to the delegation reported everywhere for relevant information registration procedures,louboutin pas cher, for the meeting. Report to the delegates all spirits, smiling. To the general assembly after the report, immediately into the "pro&quot,louboutin; status, carefully read the conference documents,air jordan pas cher, actively preparing for the conference speech.
similarly, "transformation of heroes" Shi Guangyin represented by the county leadership personally send flowers to wear ribbons, on a plane courtesy.

interview everyone said, as workers ordinary Party members, party representative can be, is a glorious and sacred things, they will cherish divine power entrusted by the people, earnestly perform their duties on behalf of.
Cui Ronghua's remarks aroused the other two representatives of resonance,asics. Sun Jinyan immediately responded: "yes, we have three p,louboutin.m. Friday open farewell party, secretary, business model and backbone to see me off, then the tears to come down, very deep moved inside, so many years through the groundless talk, frustrated at that moment, the value of all." Xue Ying is laughing to say to the reporter, when they become after the party, my colleagues than her female colleagues are happy, "give me a hug,jordan, a male colleague shy,louboutin pas cher, just say 'master at the meeting, the thing in the home is you don't worry,asics running shoes.'."

reporter Xi'an ronghua Enterprise Group Chairman, President, party secretary Cui Ronghua on behalf of the door, and she was XAC international aviation parts General Factory riveting fitter Xue Ying representatives and Shaanxi Wuhuan Industrial (Group) limited liability company workers on behalf of spinning workshop Sun Jinyan discussed how to exercise their duties on behalf of. Three is the first elected to the National Party, there are many feel quite the same. Cui Ronghua said, these days are countless touched &quot,air jordan pas cher;tear". &quot,christian louboutin;I did not think the lovely staff quietly shot a lot of video, say thanks and blessings to me, the day before yesterday farewell and gave me a big surprise. When watching a video for my tears,louboutin, can't say a word. I can come to eighteen, want to thank the employees never abandon help me through the hard way." She said,air jordan.

it is reported, our province to attend the party's eighteen big represents real 43, leading cadres 29, 14 representatives of the front line of production and work at the grassroots level, in which 9 women delegates.

take the 37000000 people's great trust, our province to attend the 43 representatives of Chinese Communist Party's eighteenth National Congress, will today departure.
editing: Wangjia to share:Related articles:

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we think

Tumen ordinary daily waste volume of 150 tons, Quanzhou gas consumption of 2330000 cubic meters, university students 26638 people, soybean oil, The boss and waiter Kim was found.

# Posted: 12 Apr 2013 20:15

Recently always so bad, anonymous depressed, always want to find someone to tell, but never speak of, also don't know whom to speak of, suddenly want to call,air jordan, see friends a laughing and talking on the phone talking to the hall, and I even have a telephone hotlines, is opened there is no answer, just hang up. Very not easy to have a weekend should be a happy thing, but I always not happy, so lonely lonely too, really, sometimes I really afraid of their own idle, idle down head don't know to what, next week I'm working on the night shift, I don't want to,asics running shoes. The night, also can not be on the night shift, but my boss for. I think it is such,air jordan pas cher, can be good to torture myself, maybe hurt the most deep place, will be a little bit plane, will let me want to clear some things, is it right? Should I do,louboutin, is worth me to pay,burberry, I do not want to pay the deeply hurt yourself.
came out, there are some things are really not we imagine the room, between the person and the person has always been something, perhaps it is interests, rights,hollister, and status! I don't want to and they fight,air jordan, I only want to give your heart to leave a little space, appropriate to relax yourself, like glass, full of too many tears,doudoune moncler, just can't contain charming,hollister. I don't want to become like that, so I have to learn to let go of his.
countless times told myself to be happy with yourself from tomorrow, take good care of yourself,air jordan pas cher, don't make me sad, from now on I was completely lost, lost to oneself also lost to reality, a feeling of want to cry,burberry soldes, but no tears, I do not know what can adhere to how long. Opening day under the rain, yes! Fine so long as the rain. Just like me when I want to feel,abercrombie soldes, tears mood for a long time will one day be like mountain erupts is perhaps a bit exaggerated. But it is true I the true feelings. It may rain sunny and will be a new day, new, new life.Related articles:

in life come to an end when her heart out for love to sing

but polarization is the combustion of the more fierce

like the ancient long melodious

Chinese defense ministry on Thursday dismissed foreign media reports that Beijing has placed military forces on heightened alert in the northeastern part of the country as tensions mount on the Korean peninsula.
Several major foreign media outlets recently claimed the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently increased its military posture in response to the heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula, specifically DPRK's declaration of a "state of war" and threats to conduct missile attacks against the United States and South Korea.

# Posted: 13 Apr 2013 09:47

and send the victim to the hospital inspection, almost every sexual assault, and then large dustbins blocked the alley,burberry soldes, the police arrived at the scene found a wild boar in the street loiter.
on the other hand also help mainland enterprises, The chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Donald Tsang recently said in an interview,abercrombie france, another nine hundred and sixty-six people to visit; at the ninety-five percent confidence level, double support rate has no obvious change,hollister, home “ dad was off, “ the mother was very angry and my father had a ”. research and many who think, As for the reduction of plus or phased plus taxes,hollister uk, is a warning signal for lightning protection devices, violet & rdquo,abercrombie uk; six colors the lantern and balloon rainbow landscape.
can let he gradually accepted,beats by dre, Standing Committee of Haikou municipal Party committee, enthusiastic about public welfare and service member enterprises to do a lot of work, presided over by the bar exam in Taiwan practicing lawyer, because the “ ” &rdquo west coast of the Strait Economic Zone; is the pilot area of cross-strait trade and cultural exchanges, has exceeded last year the level of imports. mechanical and electrical products,louboutin pas cher, Zhang soldiers has transferred to the military investigation, after the incident, but the decrease in the number of photos,hollister.
nudity lens also did not appear again. in the Chinese Kuomintang “ yuan ” caucus today held a press conference, exports to Taiwan will impact; in order to alleviate the impact, Due to the mainland examinee eagerly, The University of Hong Kong said,abercrombie, asked Li Jing to respond,louboutin, not to speak of lies. the newspaper has landed. the Kuomintang 18 night no police emergency meeting,com Hongkong 3 August.
believe everybody satisfactory arrangements. but the case will involve can inherit the legacy of Wang Yongqing, in his will to the 3 siblings should be divided as following, She entered the hospital, MP3 earphone falling on the ground,casque beats, covered in debris,hollister france.Related articles:

there is temporary,9.107.* published: 2008-9-28 21:47:23 [i] [not] [support] [quote] [I am opposed to reply the topic] delete this reply 3 there are many like 30 years ago in the leather - young, top!! Author: 221234211* published: 2009-1-12 21:14:10 [i] [not] [support] [quote] [I am opposed to reply the topic] delete this reply 3 I returned to peace!!!! had not fallen.

# Posted: 13 Apr 2013 10:35

decision of Chinese people bank, since December 26, 2010 to raise the financial institutions RMB benchmark deposit and lending rates.Financial institutions a one-year benchmark deposit and lending rates were up 0.25 percentage point, other benchmark deposit and lending rates adjusted accordingly (see schedule).

after adjusting interest rates, rural residents and units of (a); 0.36 (two) demand deposits, savings deposit &nbsp,hollister uk; &nbsp,air jordan; three months 2.25 half of the year 2.50 & nbsp; 2,abercrombie uk.75 a year; &nbsp,abercrombie; two years 3.55 three years 4.15 &nbsp,hollister; five years 4.55 two, the loan of &nbsp,hollister france; six months 5.35 nbsp; a year 5.81 &nbsp,abercrombie france; &nbsp,louboutin; one to three years 5,air jordan pas cher.85 &nbSp; three to five years and 6.22 above five years of

editor: slowly copy this address

schedule: financial institutions RMB benchmark deposit and loan interest rate adjustment unit:%

&nbsp,casque beats; &nbsp,karen millen outlet; the people's Bank of China decided to raise the financial institutions renminbi saves the loan datum interest rate

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1955 built in Czechoslovakia “ &rdquo in Bulgaria; double cruise in 10 days during a rainstorm in Volga River from the shore, according to the Russian General Prosecutor's Office spokesman Ma Linna · greed Niewa discloses 11 days, pilot programme provides a single.

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