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# Posted: 12 Dec 2012 09:01

Motherboard: Once you’ve decided on a CPU, you can pick a motherboard of the same socket type. cheap beats by dre Many features must be considered. How many PCI expansion slots will you need? Do you want video on the motherboard, or on a separate card? Likewise,beats by dre cheap do you want firewire on the board, or on a card, or not at all? Most boards come with sound, but will it be the quality you require if you’re a gamer?
Hard Drive: How much storage capacity do you need?cheap dre beats A homework PC will find 40GBs to be oodles of space, while a video editor should be looking at 200GBs or dr dre beats
If you’re doing captures of analog video, get the fastest hard drive you can find to avoid dropped frames.

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