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# Posted: 31 Oct 2012 07:57

The Orphean Songs in the Show Glee
Every time when I hear the songs in the show Cheap Glee DVD, I can't stop thinking the episodes which I have watched and want to write down some reviews in my mind now. Actually, I'm not a professional reviewer, and I will not pretend to be the people like that, just for some the fans of the Glee. I'm just a regular girl who really enjoy the pilot of Glee.
Well, the characters in the show may have a few stereotyped partly. I'm extremely sure that the shows such as American Idol. You will be considered as a "cool" guy if you can sing like these kids can in glee dvd set. So I hope the producers of this show will work out some of these stereotypes and the characters will develop to some extent. As a whole this show was nice entertainment with some great songs which those kids can sing!! Actually I have re-played a couple of the songs they sang, jut because they did such a great job. And with Jane Lynch in the cast, you know the show is going to be good! Finally, I have received my season 3 dvd which I have been waiting for a long time. Let's enjoy it together.

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