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# Posted: 12 Oct 2012 06:54

My cousin fried her motherboard, apparently her boyfriend attempted fixing something and a screwdriver tapped the motherboard (while it was on? basically whatever he did, he shouldn't have been doing). Everything else works besides the motherboard:

HP G62
HP G Series Keyboard
DDR3 PC3-10600 (2 2gb sticks, I also have 2 1gb sticks)
T4500? Core 2 Duo processor (guessing, still need to tear it down to check)
Hitachi 320gb SATA HDD
Top half is all good (LCD assembly)
battery should hold a good charge also
I also have the DVD burner out of this laptop and another one from the same model (SATA connection in the back)

I've also got a few sticks of laptop ram and desktop ram (DDR, DDR2, DDR3)

I also fix laptops, tv's, xbox 360's, PS3's and most things with a power button you use in your home. If you need any of that looked at, holla holla.

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