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# Posted: 12 Sep 2012 09:38

Wooords Would be the Most effective Word Game You've Never Heard Of - everythingiCafe

Wooords by StrayRobot games is a fast paced and super fun word puzzle game set to launch in the app store tomorrow, and well worth looking into if you're a fan of wordsmithing. I beta tested this game during the development process, and it's a fun little title for people who like playing with letters and whatnot.

The game presents you with a fridge covered in letter magnets, with a goal of scoring enough points to move on to the next level �� and points are awarded for forming words out of the letters, with bonuses for longer words and putting them together in quick succession. Each level is constrained by a certain 'key letter' which must be included in each word.

It's also excruciatingly good practice if you play Scrabble or Words With Friends �� it's great for brushing up on how to find words in a seemingly random set of letters.

Wooords (that's right, with three 'o's) is due out in the app store on July 21st.
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# Posted: 12 Sep 2012 09:45

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