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# Posted: 4 Sep 2012 03:31

The program same too RDA and a CDA

To become a certified dental technician, you must find a dental assisting program that grants a certificate after completion of the course. You can contact your local community college, trade dentale quipment school, or technical school to find out which type of programs they offer. What is the difference? In most states, there is no difference between a registered vs. certified dental technician. A few dental materials states require their dental assisting technicians to be registered. The pay is generally the same for both an RDA and a CDA. The length of the program is generally the same too. The biggest difference is that RDAs are required to pass a comprehensive exam aside from the exams taken throughout their program. Some states do not require any education beyond a high school diploma. For more information on becoming a dental tech, contact your dental supply local community college to find out what the requirements in your state are. Your specific dental benefits will of course vary depending on what kind of dental insurance policy or discount dental plan you have. Some plans carry more benefits than others. Basically, it's safe to say that no insurance or discount dental plan covers 100% of any dental procedure you may need. However, let's assume that we are speaking about insurance dental benefits rather than discount dental plans.

# Posted: 5 Sep 2012 09:09

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