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# Posted: 22 Nov 2011 08:21

"Oh," she sobbed, "I've been so mean to Allie lots of times and maybe she's dead somewhere and I can't ever tell her--"
Keineth could offer small comfort, but the two locked their arms tight about one another and listened as though in the gathering michael kors totes [/b]they might hear Alice's dear voice.
Mr. Lee had rushed off again to the city after a whispered word to Barbara to stay close to her michael kors handbags outlet[/b]. Billy, his heart breaking, his eyes burning with the tears which his boyish pride would not allow him to show, and feeling the bitterness of his youth and his michael kors shoulder bags[/b], slowly mounted the stairs to the corner of the attic which was his own particular den. The nickel of his beloved wireless apparatus gleamed at him through the darkness. Like a flash a hope sprang into his heart! Snatching up the phone he placed it upon his michael kors watches[/b], then ticked off his message, with call after call, in every direction!
Now and then someone picked up his words--an unsatisfactory answer would come back. However, finding relief in doing something, Billy repeated his michael kors bags[/b]; listening intently for any answer.
Just as to his michael kors outlet [/b]vividly came the picture of Alice's hurt face, when, that very morning, he had roughly taken from her his old stamp michael kors handbags[/b], his own call came through the air. Every nerve in his body tingled a response! It was Freddie Murdock--they had often talked back and forth across the lake from where, on the Canadian shore, Freddie Murdock's father had a cottage. And the words that Freddie was sending to him by the waves of the tiffany rings [/b]were: "Sister found--all right!"
Shouting the good news Billy rushed three steps at a time down the stairs straight into his mother's arms! She clung to him, burying the boy's face, down which the tears were streaming, close to her tiffany outlet sale[/b].
And while they clung together, crying and half laughing, Barbara reached her father on the telephone to tell him how Alice had been found!
Two hours later Genevieve brought the little truant home. Mrs. Lee carried her off for a warm bath and bed, while Nora, her eyes very red with weeping, fixed her a bowl of hot milk tiffany jewelry[/b].
"I coaxed the story from her," Mr. Lee told his wife and Barbara later; "that child wanted to see Midway Beach! Do you remember how hard she begged to go with the Clarks when they went over and how unreasonable she thought we were in refusing? Well, she just made up her mind to go alone. She took her bathing suit and her pennies. She walked from here to Middletown, took the trolley there for the city. On the trolley she saw a party of picnickers headed for Midway Beach and she just walked along with them. It was very simple. She watched the merry-go-rounds and spent all her pennies! When it began to grow dark she laid down on the beach and fell asleep. They found her there, later, after young Murdock had given the alarm of a child lost! She didn't seem to be frightened until they handed her over to a policeman to take her tiffany outlet [/b]to the city; then the seriousness of her runaway must have come to her. I do not think you will have to worry that she will do it again."
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