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# Posted: 21 Nov 2011 06:37

The most-played Titleist Clubs

Primarily titleist ap2 irons are aimed more at the mid to low handicap golfer. Players who already play a pretty good golf game, but are perhaps looking to take their play up another level. They are definitely nice looking titleist ap2 that would look good in any golfers bag. However this isn't always the indicator of a good performing iron, as alot of good golfers will tell you. Despite being aimed at the better player, the new titleist 712 ap2 irons
are relatively easy to hit if you have a decent repetitive swing. Even the longer irons don't really present too much of a problem in this area, as long as you're not intimidated by them.The AP2's high-tech, multi-material construction features a steel body, tungsten nickel sole, elastomer bar and aluminum cavity plate. AP2 is built to deliver both performance and feel. The dual cavity design of the Titleist AP2 irons pushes weight to the perimeter for forgiveness. A central cross member featuring a soft elastomer cushion provides structural rigidity behind the impact area while also dampening face vibration for better overall feel. The lower cavity of theBurner 2.0 Ironsis enclosed by a tungsten nickel box. This high-density material locates the weight low and deep while providing structural rigidity and low frequency vibration dampening for outstanding solid feel. The tungsten nickel box helps reduce the sole and back flange width for better turf performance and shot control.

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# Posted: 22 Nov 2011 01:21

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