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# Posted: 31 Oct 2011 10:06

Why iPad is the first choice for business users
The third quarter panel on the market over the Zenithink C91 Android camp shipments rose 27% last year. However, despite Android's market share rose substantially in the Tablet PC market accounted for sales of Apple or the absolute advantage.Sharp rise in shipments of Cube U15GT Android is certainly worthy of attention, but Apple fans may also want to know why the Apple tablet computer business has also made such a clear choice.
If your business is often contact with the public, dealing with, and perhaps only choice is to use the Apple iPad to improve your company's brand identity. Dedication the company has nurtured for decades, Apple fans are so "cool" factor, let apples in one fell swoop this year on the world's most valuable brand, the top position. Of course, there is a "brand identity" problem; if your customer is a result of fans, they may prefer you to use the iPad, and Superpad 3 followers may not care much about. Imagine, your company's employees help customers holding iPad order to show clients that programs and projects, and so on, which is bound to be very impressed by the customer. The Android Tablet PC does not have the same magic.
Cube U9GT and market tender,Apple iPad to enter the market for some time, with a competitive Android tablet screen size at the end of 2010 just entering the market. Most applications in the Android application market is not designed specifically for the Tablet PC, and Apple's App Store, there is a lot to choose from a special application ready. Basically, now the Archos 70 Android application is still published as the iPad as the beginning of those applications; time or most applications for the iPhone, so the screen can only occupy a small place. Of course, these Android applications can use the "zoom" function to make it full screen, but they seem too heavy sense of pixels, the user Dropad A8X interface experience is poor.
Of course, there is one exception,epad 10 is Adobe's applications, such as the touch version of the Photoshop application, they are available in the Android platform first, then posted to the iOS platform. Despite this, since most of the professional design companies are fruit fans groups, delayed release does not make them go to buy Android tablet.
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