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# Posted: 31 Oct 2011 10:03

Amazon's victory: low-cost strategy?
People familiar with China tablet pc Amazon's low price for KindleFire should not feel strange, because "the Amazon digital publishing industry to create a dominant strategy is the first low-cost" (quote from "Economic Observer"), on this point, as long as Amazon had bought books or other goods, consumers are fully understood!
Leading U.S. investment bank William Blair research shows that the 7 inch tablet pc 24 100 randomly selected retail products, compared with the price on Amazon was found that the latter's 11% cheaper. Amazon Kindle 3, Integrated 6-inch electronic paper display, built-in 3500 e-books, weight 250g, including the WiFi version priced at $ 139, hit the mainstream e-reader prices low; and WiFi +3 G version priced at $ 189, Amazon Kindle 2 has raised the same price, 8 inch tablet pc sales growth of up to twice the results. Visible, fully grasp all of the Amazon consumer psychology, the low-cost strategy to the fullest extent, I believe the same strategy applied to Kindle Fire Tablet PC, will be very exciting!
However, Amazon's low prices are sometimes affected by the tremendous force. Last year, Amazon and American publishers McMillan pricing between a storm, 10 inch tablet pc making the vast majority of books are priced at Amazon $ 9.99 Dream blocked, then, Amazon issued a statement McMillan "surrender "allows publishers to sell books promising.
Although the resistance due to publishers, Amazon hopes to Ainol Novo8 priced at $ 9.99 a desire to temporarily unable to achieve, but the data shows, in the Amazon, driven by the United States in April this year, Android 2.2 Tablet has sold more than traditional books , and in the same period in 2010, sales of electronic books, or less than physical books.

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