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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / Kindle Fire will force Android tablet pc price cutting 2
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# Posted: 31 Oct 2011 09:58

Kindle Fire will force Android tablet pc price cutting 2
Amazon's Cheap Tablets for Sale retail business model that can attract the customers through amazon to buy more goods, including physical goods and digital content, to provide subsidies for equipment.
Samsung Galaxy Tab, SONY zenithink c91 tablet computer, MOTOROLA Xoom and from acer and asus products are using Android tablet computer. Although amazon also use this system, but will it with their own online stores for integration.
Despite a lack some high Onda Vi30 cost components and functions, but because only half the price for iPad, amazon Kindle Fire hopes to spread to millions of consumers of the hand, then to sell more books, movies, music, amazon and other content.
The materials is plastic, this section than apple iPad tablet computer more light more durable. In addition, it's in Russia expected can be purchased for $420, more than $250 for the iPad cheap, because Aocos N19 this is very suitable for consumption level is not high school students to use.
According to information, this kind of plastic tablet computer also installed the electronic version of the school textbooks and other learning material. From next year, it will be part of the school in Russia to take the lead in a year, and then try to carry out mass production. Some unfortunately, this kind of tablet computer currently does not have the function of the Internet connection.
Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 10.1 Window N10 price and iPad as almost. But even so, this type of equipment in only 5% of profits, make samsung is hard to cuts. In $199 to see, we believe that the price amazon tablet computer has upset the potential of the market, especially in the iPad market. Other tablet computer manufacturer's price is hard to match the amazon. " HP's TouchPad release tablet computer six weeks after he announced to give up this product, and with the price of 99 dollar a clearance sale, but it sparked much demand, it also shows that the price in this field of an important role. Ramos W15 Ramos W3HD Aigopad M801 Teclast T760VE Cube U8gt

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