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# Posted: 31 Oct 2011 09:55

chooseing buy a laptop or a tablet computer 1
Tablet computer Cheap Tablet PC is nowadays is very popular a new product, IT Superpad 3 many mainstream IT companies are rolled out its tablet computer, to spend your eyes, IT gradually tablet PC is suitable for yourself, this is a real problem. NextBook Next8P Compared with the traditional laptops, tablet computer like a maverick children very eye-catching, but on the other hand, because of its long-term development notebook accumulation, its performance Ainol Novo7 and design are very mature, it is very worth choice. What should I choose?
IT has started with related HP supply chain contact, plan out a new flat next year, but based on the operating system by apple iOS, Android and Microsoft three points of the world situation has been established, considering his lack of HP WebOS App application, a user base, no odds, plus small laptop OEM, ODM factory is testing Windows 8, performance better than expected, so HP decided to Windows 8 or Android camp, including Windows 8 convenient and enterprise IT system integration, commercial PC market is always been HP's strengths, using Windows 8 probability higher.
Tips 1: demand Consumers first should make it Zenithink C71 clear what is the demand for products, if you need a large volumes of operation work for design, or need to write a large number of documents, or game enthusiasts, and so on, then, please choose notebook, because after such a DuoNian development, notebook performance and application should is the best. The performance of the tablet computer or Onda VX610W application development, less mature than notebook and tablet computer information input more troublesome, unless you again external keyboard. But if you only need this new product web,Saayi A8HD check email, watch some video; Or you have a laptop, the tablet PC with be enough. So, see you on the performance of demand, to give yourself the next decision.

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