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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / The TV Shows War between American and British
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# Posted: 14 Sep 2011 07:00

In September, the new season of American TV shows is coming, a group of Chinese wait for all levels of BT subtitle to work busily and excited.
Another group of people is the British TV shows fan, keeping the BBC show with the special food and showing their pale despise to the American TV shows fan,just like British English despising to the American English beyond doubt. British fans watch four episodes in one season with high quality, laugh at American fans who see American shows with more than 20 episodes in one season.
In the past one year,British TV shows attack Chinese BT market strongly and suddenly.With the great successful and wonderful Sherlock DVD Boxset on [url=]dvdsetau[url] turning up and the detrusion of The Hour collection DVD,British dry humor,airs and graces British gentlemen occupied the souls of English shows fans.
In fact,many American fans have to admire,whether FOX or ABC launched the length of eight or nine seasons of American shows is hard to be a par with Friends DVD Boxset in those years.Even the great hot "Xie ears" is more and more difficult to keep long lively because of the exposure of his own character.The same situation happened in the great hot TV shows--Lie to Me season one DVD of FOX in the year before last.The main actor,Dr. Lightman is a British man,who is irritable ,outrageous and arbitary.This play make FOX failure,which defeated CSI DVD Boxset at one time.At the same time,American fans have found the best admire actor are Tim Roth,acting as Light man and HughLaurie in House M.D collection DVD [url=]dvdsetau[url] steals many hearts of young ladies, come from London.
Now that they can see the original British man, why should they see "American British" with changeable tongue?
The more importance to make the fans feel proud arrogant is that British play can make a classic literature history reproduce to return to the British Empire Time. The typical actors in Shakespeare's play in Britain all over the country. With good drama tradition, English creative team can be criticize directly to American fans who like Broadway dance: you are uneducated!

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