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# Posted: 26 Apr 2011 11:31

German brand HUGO BOSS

The century on result rising abruptly the German brand HUGO BOSS of 70 time, do not advertise stylist style, complete with puissant broadcast this world the advertisement figure with firm round flavour, communicate the male dress style of a kind of in a popular style. Be designed no matter or special male changes image, and be the sort of do not make up, also do not wear redundant jewelry, pay attention to the male figure that the society agrees with very much. This brand was founded by Hugo Boss 1923, in order to produce coverall, waterproof suit, raincoat and uniform build up. Its design and figure begin special male to change, with the style composed men's clothing Cartier Glasses begins, arrive all the time ability is formal 1972 bound of sortie fashionable dress. HUGO BOSS men's clothing has very complete series merchandise, be a lot of in the standard example in senior officer memory, and be on character and charge for the making of sth. , maintain the European one running water of business of production of the biggest men's clothing to allow.

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