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# Posted: 29 Aug 2011 13:38 - Edited by: audiolee

Monster Beats Studio is the flagship product of Monster, whether from the use of materials or designs embody the "high end", I use headphones the first beam of high-reflective paint more advanced treatment process, although relatively easy to leave fingerprints, but the mirror the appearance of the show is indeed very bright people can not resist. Also in the headphone unit housing, the magic sound of headphones that iconic "b" word exceptionally bright, this simple symbol is the most likely to impress a signal.

Although the large volume of headphones, but without prejudice to the Beats Studio as you would wear out and headsets, accessories show in the previous figure can already see, the magic sound of Beats Studio to prepare an oval-shaped storage box, to help us carry around, In Beats Studio on a map like the body is curved so that the folding joint, which is not the key to not use non-removable screws, solid and very good, then again we do not aim for the Beats Studio quality and workmanship speak to any heart.

In addition to being a high-end Beats Studio Kobe outside, Beats Studio also has some very intimate function, perhaps because of these features finally added to the weight increase resulting Beats Studio in Beats Studio unit right on the cover of "b" flag There is a button can be pressed by, his role is to temporarily mute, this feature in the past in some of the features on the type of noise reduction headphones can be seen, and now was to get his body Beats Studio, the Beats Studio is also a yes or no description a with noise reduction headphones it?
In actual fact, or that half of you guessed it, Beats Studio really is a headset you can install the battery, remove the left ear of the unit casing, battery compartment is hidden inside, need to be reminded of the point is, Beats Studio must use the battery in order to operate, he does not like some of the features the same type of noise reduction headphones can also design does not use power line, which to some extent, to the user to add a number of problems, Beats Studio use 2 two AAA batteries, of course, you can in the major supermarkets and convenience stores to buy long-term use, then we recommend that you purchase rechargeable batteries, according to Monster's personnel, Beats Studio on the battery consumption is about two full points of a continuous use battery about 20 hours, according to everyone to work together every day to listen to listen to two hours to calculate it, Beats Studio can support 10 days, needs to be charged three times a month, not too frequent. In addition there is also a mute button on the side of the power switch, when closed you will hear a very slight current of sound, it is no-load the sounds, the headset does not have any side effects, when turn on the switch after will disappear.

In fact, Monster Beats Solo has also been mentioned in the previous, Beats Studio is very pure "American sound", he has relatively thick solid low-frequency, used to carry very much like to listen to American music types are much-needed sense of low volume and transient performance, and Tour compared, Beats Studio even more "balance", the human voice is not so sudden as Tour before, but better to go into the sound as a whole, let the music seem more coherent whole, rather than excessive focus on local performance. In addition, in small series compared to contact with the Tour, Beats Studio performance will sound more "law-abiding," that, because the cut ends of some of the limits of performance, so the overall sound became less wild, but in return is the excellent sound balance.

# Posted: 29 Aug 2011 13:48

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# Posted: 8 Sep 2011 09:26

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# Posted: 8 Sep 2011 09:28

France longchamp brand is well-known brand in France, it is so produced longchamp le pliage series longchamp bags is the French national life of essential goods, its meaning has significance far beyond the package itself, longchamp sale, many styles longchamp le pliage series there: Le pliage Back pack, Le pliage Hobo, Le pliage Tote and so on.

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