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# Posted: 29 Aug 2011 04:14

Teacher on the podium talking endlessly on the high number of coach handbag! I really did not go up. Today is a very special day. A year ago today, the parents divorced
My parents are most concerned about in this world of jordan shoes. Small to large, they gave me whatever they maximize love and care. Although not with those of children than families in very good condition, but for many small partners the same age, I have a very happy, very happy childhood. Perhaps they are too fond of me, slowly, the rift between father and mother more and more gucci handbags. They dubious! Every time I go home from school holidays, they seemingly courteous, but I was their daughter, ah, I can deeply feel their heart is no longer together. Just to let me have the so-called psychological pressure, they have not and I tell the truth (and later, they told me admit, it really is for this reason). Until a year ago at this time.
A very ordinary night, around 9 o'clock, with little to call me uncle called. I am pleased to start, but hear uncle tone of voice, chill the hearts rise, certainly what happened! Sure enough! Mom and Dad's relationship has reached a point where irreparable! Uncle that I should know the real situation of their parents marriage. I use a kind of self that the more mature tone of asics shoes, said: "As long as they feel good, I like!
And uncle got off the phone but no one will, my mother's phone also comes
"You have to call you uncle? "" Well. "I use pretending to be a strong voice." I did not want you to say. But now the situation is different, had to say. . . . . . "Mom's voice became choked," you read out, had not let these things affect you. But you are grown up, and some things you nike shoes sneakers. I, too, and your father is not go! . . . . . . "
In this way, she listens to, I cried. Sitting in the dormitory stairwell, leaning against the wall, crying softly. "Mom, I understand that as long as hello, if you think divorce is good for you, I feel good. Do not worry about me I know all your difficulties as long as you, I'm no relation to what the ..." End call, I sat in a stairwell, tears could not stop. Heart block fast enough and would like to turn to rely on. Called Y. One heard her voice, could not help but cry out loud: "My parents want to divorce! "" Will not you? How so? May just have a contradiction, they will not divorce. You do not cry, do not hurt. . . "
That is, they are usually not very good? Later, speaking to a friend to listen, they do not believe the fact that my parents divorced. After a while, and I feel finally d&g sunglasses. Went to the roof, like a long time, like how to speak, how to say, finally decided to give Dad a call. Call is connected, the father was busy being outside, many people do not speak, had to hastily hung up the phone.
Very depressed, much to the heart. Decided to send text messages to my father. A year from now, those words, I still remember very clearly. It is I grew up with my father for the first time you dig dig lung to heart talk, which is my father, full of love and understanding: "Dad, Uncle, and my mom just gave me the phone, say you and I Damn thing, I now understand you and my mother have been impossible! But do not blame my uncle and my mother told me that. I read this impact is inevitable, but sooner or later I need to football shoes. Now know better than to know the future. If the divorce is your best choice, I accept. Cause of the current situation no matter what the reason, will not change my love for you. You will always be my favorite of my father, my mother is my favorite mother. Really, if you good, I like. Small to large you pay too much for me, now you have the right to pursue their own happiness. . . . . . . Dad, you have to take care of themselves, and not too tired, and rest, cut down cigarette, health, the most important. . . . Love your daughter
A person standing on rooftops. Was cold, but felt that the cold simply not worth mentioning. In this way, a person, to stand in the cold for a long long time. Back to the hostel, others have to sleep. I lay in bed, insomnia, and a myriad of mlb cap, could not help hiding in bed quietly sobbing.
The next few days, and I feel very bad. November 18, aunt called. "Today, your parents had the paperwork to the court. You say."
Those days, all the family gave me a call. I am very concerned about each of them can alone afford a Renzaitaxiang if this fight. Listening to their side of the phone inside to comfort me in tears, I was moved, the first phone that I could not help crying. Although parents are not together, but two people leather belt. I told myself, be strong!
One year later, experienced a lot of things, and came to this memorable time. Wanted at home. To everyone. Miss all the family. As a result, made a very capricious decision, I want to go home! Tomorrow! I arrived home tomorrow

# Posted: 30 Aug 2011 08:21

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# Posted: 8 Sep 2011 08:53

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# Posted: 13 Oct 2011 10:50

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# Posted: 24 Oct 2011 12:35

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# Posted: 18 Dec 2012 06:53

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