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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / Why sugar make the skin early age?
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# Posted: 23 Aug 2011 08:17

Sugar is the body's fluids and nutrients necessary for lv handbag, It does not because of eating sugar that caused by the occurrence of skin aging. However Along with the increase of age,the body's metabolism slow start. If the excessive intake of sugar and then the body would not be fully decomposed, the body will be residual sugar combine with the body's protein, the protein will cause hard brittle, this phenomenon is called "mashing." If the body of excess sugar is attached to the underlying skin collagen, causing cell membrane inflammation, so the original is so moist and healthy collagen and nike dunk shoes, then break, damaged. Skin as a mattress generally used for a long time loses its elasticity, firmness decreased, wrinkles appear earlier.
Anti-glycation, from now on
Sugar not only makes the body fat, but also make the skin age, so from now on, bit by bit from the beginning of life that anti-glycation it!
1. Eat less sugar is king
I think many people will ask me, Do not eat much sugar was excessive? According to a report: If you eat more than 40g of chanel earrings (sugar, carbonated drinks), or more than 250g of carbohydrates (from cereals, bread and other carbohydrates into sugar), then it shows you the "sugar exceeded" ! So, drink less soda, coffee drinking less sugar, so it are good for the skin and teeth. Of course, full-fat cheese, butter, cereal, ice cream, caramel pudding, barbecue and snacks are all sharpen the old food, so in life should try to control, not the firm do not eat, but we must pay attention amount. If you are born with candy lovers, hard to resist the temptation of nhl jersey, then I suggest to more strengthen the movement, so as to promote sugar metabolism.
2. Healthy cooking method is more suppression of sugar
Way of cooking food for the maintenance of healthy and young skin is very critical, charcoal, caramel, or high-temperature baking may result in "excess of sugar", so in their daily lives to give priority to using raw, boiled or stewed way to cooking food. Of course, normal life can do more, such as pig knuckles, pork skin and other foods rich in collagen, so skin can inhibit the glycation
3. Learn to look away from the food composition table to "sugar trap"
375ml can of carbonated drinks market volume of about ten teaspoons of armani sunglasses, equivalent to the normal need for that day sugar intake. So we must learn to view food labels, for "sugar, corn syrup, fructose," and other ingredients should be trained to a high degree of vigilance cheap polo shirts, so as not to fall into the ubiquitous "sugar trap."
4. Anti-glycation skin care products, anti-sugar from the roots
Anti-glycation skin care products that focus not only on the surface of gucci men shoes, but also treat the skin from the body as a whole, to regain healthy young skin. There are currently a number of brands have launched anti-glycation of skin care products, so antioxidant for the skin but also can invest in a bottle of fountain pen skin care products, so that you can from the outside skin from the inside of the inhibition of glycation, anti-aging of chanel handbags
Many friends who sweet tooth may see here will feel some fear, if you eat a little sugar every day, how boring the life? Not too tight, my advice is to eat sugar, but must be adequate, for example, daily intake of sugar will be controlled at less than 40g, you can take the equivalent of less than two enjoy a mousse cake or a glass of an increase of only a little sugar and coffee. Also, try to use honey to replace some of the sugar intake Since we know the skin has a bad company sugar, then let's start with the "semi-sugar life" it, I believe that before long, our body will become healthy because of less sugar and levis jeans, less because of our skin Sugar becomes smooth and elastic! Let us on it!

# Posted: 27 Aug 2011 04:49

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