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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / The most happiness is to alive
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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 08:07

Most people will think that why is it people alive?
In other words, people live for what??? This is life people often questions, so live for what exactly? We might as well to live a the reason of tory burch pursehappiness.
A the sick people often say, had a meal can eat much, do work and have make not over of strength. For him, health is the biggest pursuit, as long as it can give back hisnike sneakers strong body, then let all day long he work is also a kind of happiness.
A prison in the people, all the day across the Windows breath of fresh air outside the prison, looking at the bird to fly, he will say: "give me free!!!! I don't money, position, as long as three best basketball shoesmeals a day, no matter how do the heavy work I willingly." For him, freedom is a kind of happiness.
A mortally ill, that his time a little while, looking out of the window, warm sunny all things, he will feel able to live is the most happy things.
A pair of once walked hand in hand, the same bitter years of gucci shoes sale big style, make the tear up every day couple engagement. Because, they don't understand, people say money is everything, but why it edhardy shirtscan't buy happiness? For them, love each other and love each other, share the joys and sorrows of the day is how happy.
What is happiness? In fact, happiness is to live a kind of feeling, a no instead of tom ford glasses
reason. ( such as: inspirational film with a healthy body, in the evening, the family warmth to sit around the Portuguese cane frame, enjoy the results of labor for; Also or make a pot of warm water wash polo shirt to exhaustion of a day and came to dust, a good night's sleep, gather to meet the sun of tomorrow!
However, happiness is to live experience. Live, can experience the fun of the life, family, love, friendship, can become the experience of content; Moved, excited, impulse can become the experience the ghd process; But the sorrow and joy intertexture, success and failure, and further the co-existence of the ornament gives the spectrum of the life, make our living history become more rich and colorful, that makes us happy experience more rich legend. Therefore, experience "alive" is like a thick book, full product available with an endless aftertaste.
Happiness is alive, the reason that happiness is nike running shoes alive source, both cannot be separated. Standing in the big classroom life before, only treasures, value the now, to get more happiness, can have more abundant life.

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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 09:30

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# Posted: 25 Oct 2011 02:18

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