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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 08:05

Is the man should have his own personality, as a man, you shouldn't be anyone bully, but dare not to strike back. So the cowardly how then can man called it a normal person? The government has been emphasized all equal, but thetory burch handbag society is not like this.
Three years ago, jack Bauer has been a day, and nothing, becausecheap nike shoes the little boy in local, he once childish thought oneself naturally is extraordinary, thus formed the proud character.
Born with pride and not everyone some, what he have strived to first. He hates his own work, and because it drab and boring, also hate the city, because it is too basketball shoes small, whether in the street, as long as in the city, will see that a few pieces of disgusting face. Their hypocritical let he hated, he wanted to, and he will go away, to leave the city and to realize his dream.
So he said goodbye to his parents, alone came to gucci men shoes Shanghai. His work unit not far away, there is a small hotel, work every time not happy time he will go to, where a 40 or so artists, every time he will see him to, he is always so kind, no matter what others said that he, scold him, he can all when not to hear.
Once, the artist for him, then he pop in a bad mood, the side smoking to see edhardy clothes
him, he is change to his wondering how much money, he wanted to pay up, he had a medal in the corner of the COINS. (inspiring life so he put COINS to the ground, I think this artist will get angry. But he was tom ford sunglasses wrong, artists smile and picks it up, and to him to say thank you. He looked at a little guilty, is to say sorry, but he didn't have a chance, because the artist go.
The next day, he wants to go with the artists, and would like tomlb cap apologize to him again one hundred RMB. He went to the hotel, did not see the man, suddenly has a sense of loss, return to dormitory smoked a cigarette sleep.
Good until a few months later, he see in cheap polo shirts the street wearing a suit a famous brand of middle-aged man, is he? I have come to think of it, he is the artist. He also saw the man, straight to he walked to come over.
The man took him to his house, I couldn't help was aghast. "His family is so beautiful! A european-style villa, all kinds of famous brand cars." He embarrassed of say: "that really embarrassed!" This man or smile to say: "have no ghd straightener matter, I would like to thank you, is you let me understand, originally I have can control of his emotions."
He later learned that it originally this artist, is a famous enterprise of managers, ten years ago because he had bad mood, control,'ll swing for him one of their own favorite, but also his son away from home.
It made him deeply, also let he learned to endure, and make yourself more popular.
He want to be a calm. Step back, the broad sky.
Yes, every one of us should do emotional master! Life is precious, and enhance their own self-consciousness is more important. Don't cynicism, don't want to learn to their importance, the master of himself. Purify your spirit, and purify their spirit

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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 09:32

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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 09:36

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# Posted: 5 Jun 2012 09:35

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# Posted: 6 Jun 2012 02:30

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