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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / Ordinary is the most difficult to act
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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 08:03

When I was young. And several adult actors together, talking about the experience of the act.
Have a say: I like to play conflict sex strong character, life has the kind of high tide.
Another said: no wonder you play rascal tory burch handbag
performance was good, play the teacher not presentable.
And one said: every time play tragedy would feel fully into, play was tragic, but a comedy feel can't go inside, the show was a comedy is cheap nike shoes harder than the tragedy!
In addition a short answer: that is because that in essence, life is a tragedy, the real pain many, but the real happiness is very few however.
All the conflicting views about my life for the performance and the basketball shoes view, but get two basic conclusion, is whether the movie, or a stage, play rascal, prostitutes, losers, evil, the reflected some, also can always gucci men shoes easy to play, it is because god is all of the bad image have a common cognitive; ( famous saying to the good, but the optimistic life but no common standards. The second is edhardy clothes the most difficult of the people, those who show a live and what not smooth clash, like what the teacher ah, a clerk oh, housewives ah, because their life is like a start like that, also is the end to be.
An actor regrets ground say: in fact, ordinary is the most difficult of the play!
If we put these words do a bit conversion, can become tom ford sunglassesis: ordinary is the most difficult of!
Or: the content with ordinary is the most difficult of ah!
Especially when a person can choose the cheap polo shirtsastounding life, he had chosen to ordinary; When a person as long as the move could read the name: the desire, meet, but he chose the ordinary; When a person a high respect, right LiNengGangDing, he should resolutely choose the ordinary.
Most importantly, a person in no matter how extraordinary circumstances, still have an ordinary of heart, know how to walk intoghd straightener the world of ordinary people, and know that this was the ordinary world, making his extraordinary is that most people, the result of the content with ordinary.
The so-called ordinary person, is smooth, Ann often, content, ordinary people's life is the peace of the content life. A social pattern not only need a lot of a remarkable character creation, but a social stability, and maintain culture will last dignity and character, can take many ordinary people's silent contributions and sacrifices.
Everyone teenage resolve, is to do more than the tallest man, to do the all-powerful mogul, but by then found that, in fact, oneself also is but a part of the ordinary society, not all can be a real big hero big hero. But the larger point of nike free shoes view, those who pretend to be a great person, how the universe is a grain of sand?
This is not to say we don't aim high, but when we went to big ambition and, no matter success or failure, want to know the most difficult "ordinary"!!!!!
Ordinary not just in the most difficult thing in stage actors play, in actual life is also the hardest a performance. In life's stage, is the same, only the ordinary play.

# Posted: 27 Aug 2011 05:03

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