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Buddha Bellies Forum / General Discussion / You Don't Have Right To Corrupt
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# Posted: 22 Aug 2011 04:58

Are you often fell lost , start to decadent, and find there is no goals in your life, everything in your life is so bad and you think why many other people live well ,while you are live in tory burch purse the poor house,you think the god must abandon you .Now today I want to warn nike sneakers you ,you don't have right to do it , life is just like it is .

Don't say why other people so beautiful while you are not , someone have natural beauty , and with great best basketball shoes body ,it is own to nature ,did you have think that our nature beauty is short and it can go away along the time and the heart beauty is forever, and one thing you can do is to learn more things and make your heart beauty .Many people will ask how can I get love and what do they want to get from us, I will give you gucci shoes sale a reply , we can't live wihtout physical and tempers , so all of us want to live rich and have a harmonious family .And the best way to love someone is to hard work ,let your temper more gental ,the former can let your lover have a good live ,and the one can let your lover happy or feel good with you,And if your heart is beauty you also can get the the by handsome or beautiful edhardy shirts girls .

You don't have tom ford glasses right to corrup , life is just as it is , if you want to get a good living room or get what you want ,you need to work hard to get it ,there is no polo shirt things just for you without do anything.
Here are some methods to advise you.

Please wake up ,don't make daydreams!

Don't waste the time in blame , make complaints, no one can mercy you ,and no one can help you to get out of the trouble.If you feel hurt ,don't tell other people ,they nerver couldn't stand in your position.make in a peace let your tear down ,look at ghd yourself in mirror ,listen the ture men in your heart,close your eyes and listen the world's word ,you will feel peace and more better.Don't tell others your sarrow ,because they can't make you feel better ,and you can't have right to let happy person be sad after listen your complaint,the only one thing you can do is hide your sorrow do some worthy things ,and make you happy , or you can read a useful book or listen a beautiful music .Set a short goal and a further goal ,what you want to get in the short time and what you can get by make your effort and don't make your nike running shoes goal too further ,if you can't reach your goals you need to think why ,and think if the goal is too big for your present ,and how can I get it ,and if your goal is too hard for you , you will feel frustrated and start to doult yourself .So make your goal avaliale .Start to stay ,it can be the skilled books or the book which can make you feel better.

So it is time to make an effort to change chanel bags the present , let your heart more beautiful , more stronger, and make your drame ture.

# Posted: 27 Aug 2011 05:08

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# Posted: 30 Aug 2011 04:26

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# Posted: 30 Aug 2011 08:32

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# Posted: 8 Sep 2011 05:31

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# Posted: 24 Sep 2011 13:09

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